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What is your oldest item of clothing?



  • luxor4t
    luxor4t Posts: 11,125 Forumite
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    Apart from some treasured vintage dresses (jumble sale bargains when I was a student) and a 1974 satin Sparks style kimono jacket and trousers which little Sis and I made from my Gran's 1930s satin bedspread, I treasure two wonderful items of clothing:
    an embroidered belt from Switzerland in 1969 (I was 11)
    an embroidered cotton blouse from Yugoslavia, bought in 1967 ( I was 9)
    I wore both of these as a student but these days I am a bit (a big bit) too large.
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  • cattie
    cattie Posts: 8,841 Forumite
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    Well I can see from the posts here that the clothes I thought were old at around 15yrs old are in fact quite young & new! My wardrobe suddenly seems to have been given a new lease of life thanks to this thread. :rotfl:
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  • champys
    champys Posts: 1,101 Forumite
    Many of my clothes have been going for many years - and the post about always being photographed in the same comfy jumper applies to me as well! The oldest I believe is a beautiful Scottish ladies' kilt which I bought in 1978 - still in perfect condition, but although I can still get into it (on the last hole of the leather strap), I do not wear it much these days as I can't figure out what shoes to put on with it. Even older is an embroidered sheepskin jacket I received in the '70s from a friend of my mother's - the jacket was made in Romania in the 1930s. I should really sell it or pass it on to a collector if I knew how to go about it.....
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  • Mine is my wedding dress 1972 (nearly 36 years old).
    It was a size 10 back then but to look at it now it is more like a size 6
    It has yellowed a bit but my veil is still pristine white.
  • donna73
    donna73 Posts: 540 Forumite
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    i have a pair of socks that mum bought for me for hockey when i started secondary school aged 11- i'm now 34! 23 years for a pair of socks isnt bad is it, they seem to be indestructable- not a hole in sight!!
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  • pigpen
    pigpen Posts: 40,989 Forumite
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    I have my grans dressing gown.. which she got from the charity shop years and years ago.. and I've had for 14 years!!
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  • Quasar
    Quasar Posts: 121,720 Forumite
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    Mine is a jumper, about 20 years old, pure wool, a beautiful vibrant violet (absolutely my fave colour). It was knitted by my mum who is very good at that and I have worn it until it couldn't cope any longer. But I just cannot part with it. I have put it away with lavender bits and there it will stay where I can occasionally look at that amazing colour and think of my mum. :)
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  • PasturesNew
    PasturesNew Posts: 70,698 Forumite
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    I moved house 6 months ago and took the opportunity to throw out everything. Especially all the stuff I've had years that I was keeping "in case".

    Among the items that were chucked out were some skimpy panties I'd always liked (I would say rarely wore, in my defense).... bought them in 1988.

    And I've been known to use that line when lads get a bit cheeky ... "Sorry love, I've got panties older than you" :)
  • Danni
    Danni Posts: 345 Forumite
    I have various bits of clothes that were bought for me when I was 12 or 13, and I'm 21 now. Some I even still wear :)

    No family heirlooms though, and anything from earlier than that was handed down to one of my sisters.
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  • Jacks_xxx
    Jacks_xxx Posts: 3,874 Forumite
    :wave: Blimey. I thought most of my clothes were old but compared to some of these they're still in their first flush!

    I loved the Cilla comment as well. :D When I used to hire youngsters in my last job I always used to say "Blimey. I've got handbags older than you!" but "tights" is better. :rotfl:

    I've still got my first grown up proper handbag which is tan leather with brass coloured furniture and I bought it in 1985. It goes in and out of fashion, and I prefer a shoulder bag rather than a handbag these days but I'll never part with it.

    I also have baggy jumpers and sweatshirts that I've been slobbing round in for years and years. I bought one of them when my son was about 4, and he's 19 now, and one of them is a goth relic from the 80s.

    My dressing gown is about 15 years old as well...(just about worn in then? :D )

    My favourites though are a couple of pairs of velvet trousers that I bought as evening trousers about 12 years ago. I wore them a lot as "going out" trousers and then as Boho came in I wore them for day time and even for work when suits went out of fashion a bit and the dress code became more relaxed in my workplace. Then I wore them for casual, and as trackie pants / yoga pants, and now they're my PJ bottoms / housework trousers and I reckon I've worn one of them every week of that 12 years (every day at times) despite my fluctuating size. :eek: I'll continue to wear them until they fall apart. (or I do! :D )

    What a great thread!

    Love Jacks xxx :D
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