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What is your oldest item of clothing?



  • I still have my honeymoon night stuff and it does just fit. That's nearly 20 years of use. How much of this very old clothing came from Marks and Spencer?
  • shammyjack
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    An oiled wool roll neck fishermans jersey my mother knitted in 1968 and a pair of Trickers high leg brogue boots bought 30 years ago and still going strong after about 6 pairs of commando soles.

  • Boodle
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    I have a pair of Nike trainers that are 10 years old. They look a bit battered but are still holding together. When I first had them I wore them practically constantly - just for the garden now tho ;)

    My mother gave me a couple of maternity things from 1984. My girls also have a couple of dresses that were mine and my sister's - clothes seem to have been higher quality then as there isn't a loose stitch or anything on them.

    I also have a vintage 70's 2-piece which I bought a few years back, as well as a gorgeous flowery smock from the early 70s a friend gave to me when she was clearing out her wardrobe. The smock is great for the hot weather.
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  • I still have my "out on the pull" dress which is 20 years old- It's a red shift dress and it never failed me once!;) I kept it as it has some fond/funny memories attached to it. I also have a jumper my nan knitted me 25 years ago - it's bright green with pigs on and I still wear it to slob about in when the weather gets really cold, much to my husband's disgust!
  • Austin_Allegro
    Austin_Allegro Posts: 1,462 Forumite
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    Dinner jacket from about 1950
    Morning coat from about 1955

    But they were bought second hand so not sure if that counts...oldest 'new' thing is probably a jumper from about 1986...
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  • kunekune
    kunekune Posts: 1,909 Forumite
    No-one can beat family hand-me-downs ... I reckon it has to be summat bought in a real shop to count. But I just remembered I have something older than OH's M&S thermal socks. In the summer of 1978 my great aunt went on a cruise round the mediterranean and she bought me back a headscarf. I still have it, and my daughter (now 7 ... yes I was an old mum) likes to wear it. The fabric is still really pretty, no holes, still a gorgeous accessory. And 31 years old, heck.
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  • luxor4t
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    I have a wide embroidered belt in the wardrobe that my gran brought back from Norway when I was about 10/11
    in 1968/9.
    I think I could still wear it despite being just a bit :rolleyes: thicker in the waist... gran always bought things to grow into!

    I also have a fragile 'Indian' silk square from BHS which I bought in 1975 - beautifully soft but starting to split in places as it has seen such hard use. I paid 75p - a fortune when you think my 'pocket money' was £2.25 a month!
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  • painted_lady
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    My mum knit me a jumper for when I started high school in 1990, still have it, its big and baggy cable design, but I wear it when it is cold (usually round the house)
  • Hollyberry
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    I have four "mature" wardrobe items, although the first three probably don't count as they were given to me by my nan. The first is a silver and turquoise silk dress from the 50s which I have managed to get into on occasions. The second is a full skirted navy and white 50s dress hand sewn by my nan from a Woman's Own pattern. It's still holding together and is great with a big white belt. The final item from my nan is a 1960s deep green maxi coat which I wore like crazy through most of the 1980s. I need to see if I can get it relined, but I still love it. The oldest item made for me is my 1981 picture sweater - a New York skyline - knitted by my mum. I haven't worn it for years, but it's my one "keep because I love the memories" item.

    I think that the dress I bought for my 18th birthday could still be loitering in an upstairs wardrobe (1982 :eek:). It's black with big fierce sparkly shoulders - definitely one for eBay if I can find it, as I can't see me squeezing into that one!
  • culpepper
    culpepper Posts: 4,076 Forumite
    I still have a speedo swimming costume from 1986 when we got married. It is not at all thin and the elastic is still good.
    It seemed massively expensive at the time. 2 others bought around then, died long ago .The vest I am wearing today was a maternity dress from 20 years ago.
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