Grocery Price Increases - What's the Biggest Hike You've Seen?



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    I buy the small tins of pilchards too - we usually share one of those, either with salad for lunch/evening meal or mashed on toast for breakfast/lunch.  It might not look like a lot on the plate but they're quite filling and an easy way to make sure you get a portion of oily fish.  I'll be stocking up on those as an alternative to the currently non-existent own brand sardines.

    I'm compiling a shopping list for next week's grocery delivery and notice the packs of chicken thighs I buy (skin on, bone in) have gone up - again.  They were £1.65 for 1kg (I think they were Aldi price matched at that stage), went up to £1.99 when the Aldi match period ended and are now priced at £2.30.  They do however have a 2kg pack for £3.50 (= £1.75 for 1 kg) so I might get one of those or alternatively a tray of drumsticks, £1.79 for 1kg or £3.20 for 2kg (= £1.60 for 1 kg).

    Today I've baked a ginger cake (all ingredients from baking cupboard) that's now cut into 12 squares and maturing in the cake tin for a couple of days to become "sticky" and also a fruit pie (ys tin of fruit pie filling and hm pastry) that we'll have with custard for afters on a couple of days.  The pastry trimmings made half a dozen jam tarts to have with afternoon cuppas.  Good job I like baking!   :)  
    Be kind to others and to yourself too.
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    I also freeze a whole loaf of bread and take out 1 slice for toast 6 days a week, separates easily and lasts 2 weeks
    I can't eat bread without bloating and cramps but weirdly I can eat one slice of toast a day (with 2 eggs and butter which already take me over this mythical 30p meal) I won't be changing it for porridge which leaves me starving after an hour
    2 eggs scrambled, poached or boiled and 1 slice of toast fills me up from 7am to 1pm
    My other meals are frugal as I am just not a big eater, cook from scratch but end up with many portions for the freezer
    I do not eat dessert which some people seem to do regularly, each to their own but I do not have a sweet tooth
    I eat a lot of fish which is not cheap but I can make it go a long way with fishcakes, fish pie and cullen skink
    Just checked and I spent £15.50 on fish on 2nd February, have had meals from it and still have 4 x fish pie and 10 x fishcakes in my freezer
    Obviously also bought potatoes, spring onions, cauli and broccoli, cheese etc. for these meals
    My average spend on food and other supermarket items (cleaning, toilet roll, toothpaste etc) is £125 per month, this is higher than some single people but includes food I buy for kids/grandkids visiting at meal times and snack times
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    I don't know if others will think this counts or not. Last year I got into the habit of buying a £10 bunch of lilies from M*rks as I could manage to make them last nearly three weeks if I was careful. Just before Christmas a friend sent me a poinsettia in a pot which has been taking up that space on my side table so I haven't bought any since then. I stopped by the display unit yesterday and looked at the prices and the same sized lily bunches are now £15 for 5 stems.


    Food for all is a necessity.
    Food should not be a merchandise, to be bought and sold as jewels are bought and sold by those who have the money to buy.
    Food is a human necessity, like water and air, and it should be available.

    From Pearl S. Buck's To My Daughters, with Love.
  • calleyw
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    Sainsburys own brand instant mash was 4x110g packets was £1.10 box in january when I last bought it.  Yesterday 2 x 80g packets 90p a box :#
    Hope for everything and expect nothing!!!

    Good enough is almost always good enough -Prof Barry Schwartz

    If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try -Seth Godin
  • worrywart_3
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    London_1 said:
    The reason I divide up the bread into 4 pack slices is I have to play freezer tetris at times, :)  and have very little room available for one whole loaf.

    I am one of those people who hate to waste anything and if its not getting eaten any left overs get frozen and four slice packs can be popped into the odd spaces in my freezer . I am at the moment eating down my freezer in the hope of defrosting it by June It takes me a long time to do this as any left overs ( I make a good deal of soup etc ) I freeze. I have just made a large pot of sweet potato and chick pea curry which will get portioned up and frozen I estimate around 6 single portions at least. The reason I am making it is a managed to get a bag of sweet potatoes reduced and when doing my cupboard inventory I found a fair sized stash of tinned chick peas to use up. So the bit of wriggle room I had from using up some shepards pies and chilli's will be replaced with curries :) . Possibly once I manage to get the freezer defrosted I will allocate a space for a whole loaf of bread. But a whold loaf lasts me a good two weeks as I only eat it rarely, as I'm not keen on sandwiches and prefer crackers. 

    I have been watching a chap on YouTube from a link someone posted and he is doing a budget of £5.00 for 5 days meals and showing what he's made and there are some interesting recipes on there. He's managed 14 meals from his fiver, well worth a peek :) 

    YorksLass The little tins are pretty good aren't they, and it means we get our oily fish intake for a week for very little outlay. GlenRyk did a few months ago have them in a chilli flavoured tomato sauce which was nice, but they seem to have vanished off the shelves again, but I guess a dash of chilli powder in the mix would give the same spicy effect. I am definitely a fan of spicy food as it brightens up the most beige food going :):):) 

    JackieO xx
    I have a sweet potatoes and chickpeas that need using uo do you have the recipe please Jackie that you use 
  • Paspatur
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    London_1 said: £1 a day.

    This is the link to the £5.00 for 5 days 

    JackieO xx
    JackieO I would rather stick to some of your recipes than his
    20 cheap sausages and way too many carbs on the same plate
    Who eats rice and yellow split peas at the same meal?
    Or baked potato and yellowsplit peas
    Or long grain rice with fruit for breakfast?
    He was left with vegetables but ate dumplings twice one day and sausage rolls twice made with cheap sausages
    Yuk I would rather eek out fish, eggs, cheese and veg and his portion size would have fed me 3 or 4 times

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