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Grocery Price Increases - What's the Biggest Hike You've Seen?



  • zcrat41zcrat41 Forumite
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    Farway said:
    London_1 said:
     and eggs are starting to rise in price because of bird flu I believe

    JackieO xx
    Egg price rises are also linked to cost of feed [grain] and energy price rises, plus phasing out of caged birds for more open "barn" type housing.
    More or less everything regarding chickens has increased in cost to supplier, and no doubt more to come

    Farmer here. Our feed costs have gone up by a whopping 50%. Labour by 7%. Electric from 22ppkwh to 67ppkwh. 

    The input costs are going through the roof. Looking at a new drill today. £35000. Up a good 8k from last autumn. 
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    MSE_James said:
    The price of a pint of milk has gone down in my nearest Sainsbury's Local - it's now 95p, having been above a pound for a while.

    (This is distinct from the pricing in larger Sainsbury's stores where they have an Aldi price match on milk)

    Can't remember the last time I bought a single pint of milk. I buy a larger bottle, tip half into a washed out bottle and freeze it.
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    I am not much of a cook but have used grated lard or butter instead of suet for dumplings and worked well
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    I paid £1.90 for suet today, to make dumplings tomorrow. Its my Son's birthday and he requested stew so dumplings are a must!

    I've found the cereal to be the biggest increases, Tesco Sultana bran had been £1.80 earlier this year now £2.45, I tend to buy 2 boxes a time as I know the price will have gone up again before long. 

    We are trying to cook more meat free dishes, sweet potato curry is the favourite and surprisingly cheap per portion.

    By overall food bill has probably increased by £20 a week from the start of the year, but trying to get smarter and dishing up extra portions before the OH helps himself to seconds and thirds
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    We prefer hm soups but do keep a couple of tins in the cupboard for "emergencies".  The last one I bought (55p I think) was a Sainsburys Oxtail - palatable but rather bland and, sadly, a conspicuous absence of oxtail pieces.  A good sprinkle of curry powder perked it up so I'd give it a 5 out of 10.

    The eggs I buy are currently priced at £2.30/doz (large) and £2.00/doz (med) but I buy the same amount as before as I still find them good value for money for their versatility.  Chickens, on the other hand, are a different kettle of fish - much more expensive.  The thighs and drumsticks I normally buy have also gone up but at least they're still within budget - for now.   :)

    Fresh turkeys are starting to appear on the shelves, prices from £24 for a large one up to £32 for an extra large.  There won't be one on our Xmas menu - but there never has been as it's not our "go to" Xmas meat.   :)
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  • moleratmolerat Forumite
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    A big jump has been Flora spread.  The going price used to be £1 for 500g, now £1.75 for 400g.  1l cooking oil 99p now £2.10.  400g cheese £1.59 now £2.59
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