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Grocery Price Increases - What's the Biggest Hike You've Seen?



  • YorksLass
    YorksLass Forumite Posts: 1,575
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    Can't see me making bread pudding either - suet is £1.80!!! 
    Did you mean a steamed suet pudding as opposed to bread pudding?  I always have a packet of suet in the cupboard - not bothered if it's the beef or the vegetable version, I can't tell the difference - and it does seem to last a fair while.  Good job, as it's no longer £1.80 - now £2.05!   :(
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  • eileenfromplaistow
    eileenfromplaistow Forumite Posts: 551
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    My mum used suet, so I do. For me using butter points to bread and butter pudding. 😀.
    Anyway, it's not a price I will pay. 
    Still people not looking at prices though - just grabbing stuff off the shelf.
  • YorksLass
    YorksLass Forumite Posts: 1,575
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    London_1 said: I hate to think what sorts of shocks are in store :(  JackieO xx

    Brace yourself Jackie!  Maybe take some smelling salts with you.   :smile:

    Hope you had a good holiday - as you said, it's nice to have a meal that you haven't shopped for, cooked or cleared up afterwards.
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  • Slinky
    Slinky Forumite Posts: 9,267
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    edited 20 October 2022 at 5:41PM
    Tesco Oaties biscuits, and indeed a lot of their other own brand biscuits are all now 49p. Last week Oaties were 36p, custard creams were 31p I think.

    Haven't seen Chocolate Oaties for months, even though they keep moving the date they'll be back in by. Currently 10th November.
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  • London_1
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    I tried one of the JE Asda's soups today that I had in my store cupboard, and sloshed a decent dollop of sweet chilli sauce into it It was the chicken soup one, and its years since I tasted tinned soup as I normally make my own ,but being away for several days I didn't get the chance to make my own, so thought I would try this one, and for 24p it wasn't bad, Thick and with the chilli sauce added gave it a nice bit of a zip. I'm not sure if I would be a tinned soup convert, but this one was Ok for a quick lunch and reasonable. I ususally make a big vat of soup at the weekend but missed last weekend as I never arrived back home until the evening. I don't mind keeping a couple of tins in my stores for when the weather is bad and I may run short of fresh veg so out of ten I guess I would give it 7-8 so a good emergency standby for the winter.

    I was shocked on Tuesday when I went food shopping at how much the prices had risen for the oddest things. I don't buy these but I'm quite glad, as it was very high anyway, and that was the 'posh' fish pies in Tescos, Charlie Bingham I think its called it is now £8.50. I'm pretty sure I could make a bigger one for less than half that price.The price of Weetabix is throught the roof as well. But it seems all the cereals and cheese is rising in price and eggs are starting to rise in price because of bird flu I believe

    JackieO xx
  • Farway
    Farway Forumite Posts: 12,513
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    London_1 said:
     and eggs are starting to rise in price because of bird flu I believe

    JackieO xx
    Egg price rises are also linked to cost of feed [grain] and energy price rises, plus phasing out of caged birds for more open "barn" type housing.
    More or less everything regarding chickens has increased in cost to supplier, and no doubt more to come

  • MSE_James
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    The price of a pint of milk has gone down in my nearest Sainsbury's Local - it's now 95p, having been above a pound for a while.

    (This is distinct from the pricing in larger Sainsbury's stores where they have an Aldi price match on milk)
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  • Kaylataste
    Kaylataste Forumite Posts: 99
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    3kg bags of pasta in Tesco have gone up this week,£3.60 on wednesday,£4.00 today.
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