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Grocery Price Increases - What's the Biggest Hike You've Seen?

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  • NonnadilucaNonnadiluca Forumite
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    I don't know if anyone buys lavazza coffee; the double packs were £6 in Tesco last week, £7.20 this week, but I got some in Waitrose yesterday at £6.20. I expect that will go up very soon, but if you get the weekly loyalty coupons on things you buy there, you will probably get a £2.50 off coupon, I've had one a couple of times. 
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  • PaspaturPaspatur Forumite
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    Tes*o salted butter (which is an Ald* price match) up to £1.75, was £1.55 last month
    I will be buying it as I cannot eat anything but real butter :(
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    sheilavw said:
    Jacobs cream crackers were £1.60 in Sainsbury's last week. I'm not sure what they were before, but the shelf underneath where their own brand was at 49p was empty
    No idea what store options you have near you but if it helps Tesco own brand CCs are still at 39p a pack. I seem to recall that MrEH says the Aldi ones are also every bit as good. (He's choosy - he used to insist on Jacobs until they got to a point of extortion that I said no more!) 
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    JIL said:
    Tesco meal deals used to be £10, they are now £12. 

    Absolutely shocking.
    they've gone up since   last Thursday - bought one then.

    Instead of Stork you might try own brand block margarine- 65 pence in Tesco (and Morrisons I think)
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