April 2022 Grocery Challenge



  • Ginmonster
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    That cake looks fantastic @goldfinches! It's really good to have a solid recipe for people with dietary requirements as well. I shall bookmark that one.

    Can I join again with £200 for the month please? 

    I only went sightly over in March so I'm going to hit my target in April. Positive thinking!
  • MissRikkiC
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    So whilst I was waiting for this thread to open, I’d started to spend then didn’t dare declare (to myself) what I’d already spent as it felt like a lot so early in the month so instead just kept reading along! Head in the sand albeit not too deep! 

    Spends to far are £103/300. 

    There are a few unnecessary spends in here (not all by me) which we could’ve done without but hey ho. 

    Farm for pork box £30 
    supermarkets £40.17 which included £7 of flowers for the house and £2.50 on beer 
    Market spends on fruit veg and beans £21.53
    Butcher spends of £11.30 (very not needed) 

    There is a large meal plan in place until almost the end of the month which has been stuck to this week (for the most part). 

    Meals have been- 
    M Veggie cottage pie
    T Chicken fajita pittas
    W Prawn and (not potato) curry (with chickpeas and cauliflower instead!)
    Th DH will have freezer meal as I’m out for dinner
    F jambalaya (although I think I need to change this on account of using the last of the rice last night!)
    Here i am again.... Older but not any wiser!

    My Debt Free Diary - https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6275380/pay-for-the-future-and-not-the-past#latest
  • Greying_Pilgrim
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    Good Morning April Challengers!

    First shop for April done (yes, I know we're still in March, but everything bought today is for April consumption, so......)

    I went to MrL and spent £16.07 - surprise, surprise no £1.50 boxes, and the shelf wasn't even out behind the tills.  The veg and fruit counters were fully stocked with fresh produce.......  I noticed that the bread we buy has gone up 6p a loaf since last week 🙁But that carrots are down 6p a bag 😊What a pity I didn't need 4 bags of carrots to even out the price changes! 😂 There were no tinned chickpeas, and no sunflower oil, but chopped tomatoes were in stock today!   I then went 'next door' to MrAl and picked up oil, chickpeas, celery and easy peelers - total spend in MrAl was £2.98.  So my April spend budget is currently looking like £19.05/£100.

    I shall be back later with my menu plan.  I was holding out, just in case I dropped on any YS'd useful items or £1.50 box bargains, but alas, the shopping gods must have been on their coffee break today 🙁

    Greying X
  • Bluegreen143
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    Today’s planned meals:

    B - mango & banana overnight oats (the kids & I)

    L - (for me) leftover tikka chicken and naan from last night, with salad and raita, and leftover plum crumble with cream! Already excited about this lunch especially as I didn’t actually have any of the crumble last night 😆

    S - sent Monkey to school with chopped fruit & a muffin from the freezer; after school I think I’ll do a mix of tortilla chips, fruit, veg and cheese (my kids don’t eat lots of crisps but I’m finding buying a value sharing bag of tortilla chips for 40p is really good value as they only get a handful at a time each).

    D - sweet potato & black bean burritos 
    Part time working mum | Married in 2014 | DS born 2015 & DD born 2018 | Allegedly attempting to be mortgage free - diary here
  • Soontobeoap
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    welcome @Elisheba

    well I think I have set myself up to fail this month already. Buying in bulk worked for me last month so decided to do the same again this month. £165.00 spent on bulk shop from Tesco. All looking good until I saw an offer for dishwasher tablets. Could save £5.00 if I bought 400! Decided to go for it. Another £47.50 spent! 🤦🏻‍♀️. Still won’t need to buy anymore until next year! 

    So far I have spent £212.50 / £250 and DS and family are coming to stay this month for a week. It is going to take a lot of doing!

    meal plan for the next 8 days :-
    Friday 1st - turkey pasta using left over turkey from freezer and a tin of chicken soup.
    Saturday 2nd - Gammon from freezer tinned baby boiled potatoes, sweetcorn and peas.
    Sunday 3rd - Gammon jacket potatoes and leftover veg from freezer for bubble and squeak
    Monday 4th - Ham egg and chips
    Tuesday 5th - omelette.
    Wednesday 6th - ham pasta
    Thursday 7th - DH out , jacket with frozen leftover savoury mince
    Friday 8th - Meatballs and spaghetti
    saturday 9th and Sunday 10th away for weekend with relatives. No cost.

    Good luck everyone. 😊

    *craft stash 2023 = £108.36 spent - 80 items made/mended/finally finished. 
    *125/150 decluttering challenge. 🏅🏅🏅🥇⭐. Mr Soon2B🏅🥇
    *GC 2022 = £3154.96 / £3,600
     GC 2023 = £2602.21/£3200.  

    October £81.78/£200

  • Ginmonster
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    I'm starting the month a day early as it was more convenient to buy the couple of things we needed for the weekend when I was near the supermarket today rather than make a special trip tomorrow. I say needed, the shower gel definitely was but the crumpets were more of a want than a need. Still, £2.46 for 2 packs of crumpets and 2 bottles of shower gel isn't bad.

  • DawnW
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    I started the month a day early as well, as I had time to shop today and tomorrow I have to work.
    £22.66 spent in Lidl, £3.69 in Iceland on things that Lidl didn't have, and £25 on a meat deal pack from the local butcher. So £51.35 / £200 spent, on groceries only.
    We had game casserole for dinner, made yesterday. Just right for such a cold day, with mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage to soak up the gravy. There is enough left for another meal for both of us, which is now in the freezer.
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