April 2022 Grocery Challenge



  • Pinwheel
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    Please may I join?  I haven't taken part in the grocery challenge for over 10 years but I'm hoping it will help me stick to my budget as it used to.  There will be 4 of us for most of this month, 2 adults and 2 teenagers as well as our dog and I would like £400 please.  I could do with reducing this but I will see how I get on.  Our month runs from tomorrow.

    Thank you

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  • Smoosh
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    I'm going to stick with £200 for now. That's for 2 adults, a dog and a cat. It includes cleaning products, toiletries and cat litter. It doesn't include alcohol (I don't really drink) or takeaways. 

    We may be welcoming a new furry family member in the next week so I may up the budget by £20, but we'll see how it goes for now!

    Our month runs from 25th-25th.
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    I will try for 600 failed last month we went £25 over,3 adults, 1 tortoise We have agreed to no takeaways this month so hopefully better this month. Already spent 139 on butchers and Asda but they had the coffee we like on offer So bought 3 will last us the month.
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    Please put me down for £135.

    My month runs from 25th March to 26th April so I've already spent £75.98 on a big Mr T order for my meal plan. This is for a single active female, doesn't include eating out, alcohol or sports nutrition.
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    Count me in please, I played along at home last month and was under a tenner over my £400 budget, which was down from an average of £500. Though we have a LOT of stocks in. This month has 3 teens at home for school holidays, so they will be eating more (although they often only eat two meals a day on non school days as they get up so late!). We will get FSM vouchers, to make up for not having lunches at school.

    £450 for April please

    I will include the FSM vouchers in that, so I will only be spending £360 (unless I give them to my sister, which I did with the half term ones). Budget doesn't include alcohol (that comes from our £50 each spending budget) or cat food (separate budget). Does include basic toiletries and cleaning products. Still have a lot in the store cupboard and need to use/rotate it and I want to defrost the chest freezer before we get rid of the tall freezer (£6+ a month in electricity to store mostly bread - not worth it!) so will be eating down the stocks in there too. 
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    2 adults, 3 teens
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