April 2022 Grocery Challenge



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    edited 30 March 2022 at 10:25AM
    Today’s planned meals:

    B - kids had porridge, I had cereal

    L - pesto pasta for me with raw veg and maybe some toasted pine nuts 

    S - made Monkey up a little tub of raw crunchy veg, handful of cheap tortilla chips and grated cheese for school; for after school I’m thinking peanut butter toast & fruit 

    D - butter chicken (with the griddled tikka chicken served separately from the sauce for the kids), rice, HM naans, broccoli 
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  • Smoosh
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    Smoosh said:
    Welcome! This is a great thread ☺️ I am a sausage dog mama too! 
    Thank you ☺️ What sort do you have? 

    @SausageDogSandwich I need tips from you! My budget is nearly double, I have one less child and no dogs… this is the month I tackle this as I’ve been spending FAR too much!
    Good luck with your budget this month, you can do this 🙂🙂 I don’t feel like I have many great tips unfortunately! ..Apart from staying away from the shops means not spending. 
     Breakfast is almost always own brand cereal, lunch is cheese/egg/salad sandwich with fruit and cucumber/carrot sticks and usually Hm flapjack/muffin/cake. Dinner/Tea is a bit boring, always jackets with beans one day, a pasta dish once or twice a week with veg, then things like cottage pie, chilli, curry, sweet and sour, stir fry, stew and usually something from the freezer like pizza or fish fingers on Fridays 😅

    We have cut down on meat massively as we could only afford the cheaper stuff anyway, using a lot more lentils and meat substitutes now. Buy fresh meat when ys and freeze. And eating more pasta/potato makes things cheaper. 

    Luckily my children eat anything that is put in front of them. I also have unmanaged Crohn’s disease that I’ve been waiting for surgery for, when I’m having a flare up, which is a lot of the time now, I can only tolerate noodles/rice/white bread which also makes things bit cheaper 😅 

    Did not mean to waffle on so long, sorry! 

    Finally, tea tonight is chilli con carne made with lentils, chickpeas and red kidney beans with rice. Just the rice for me! 
    We have a miniature long haired red boy ☺️ How about you?

    In grocery related news, we are doing well today - everything we've eaten so far has been YS 😂 Tonight's dinner will be veggie meatball sub casserole as there's cream cheese that needs using up. Followed by a crumble from the freezer (can't remember what fruit it is!) with the YS custard we picked up yesterday 😋

    Love reading everyone's meal plans, it's very motivational ☺️
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    £11.55 spent in Mr S this morning as I wanted some spices from the world food aisle. I got a Berry Fruit Salad for my breakfast for a change and it was £2.25! Bit of buyers remorse there. The only fruit I buy normally is bananas as they're cheap. I prefer berries, really but they're eye-wateringly expensive. I might try growing some of my own next year.

    Running total now £87.53/£135.
  • _Moving_On_Up_
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    Hi all!

    Can I please be put down for £435 for the month please.

    This is for all food, groceries, alcohol and takeaways for 2 adults and 2 kids and also food for our dog who is raw fed

    Thanks :smiley:
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    I just did my first shop of the month at L*dl and spent £43.14.  I can't get everything I need in there so I will be spending more in the next few days.  I also used a £10 voucher on my L*dl plus app which was good.

    Have a good evening 
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