Fresh start for 2022 with Slimming World.

Welcome to our new Slimming World thread! This is for anyone who wants to lose weight in 2022 using the Slimming World healthy eating plan. If you’re new to the plan, a returner or a target member then this is the place for you!

Is now the time to loose your lockdown weight? 

Join us for support.

Now is a perfect time for a fresh start, lose all the bad habits that have crept in during lockdown & this topsy turvey world and get back on track. Everyone is welcome whether you’ve just got a few pounds to lose or a few stone. You can do it and the thread can help!

If you’ve never done Slimming World before, but you’re thinking about it, then post your questions and we’ll try to help. Everyone is welcome, and it’s free!!

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  • joedenise
    joedenise Posts: 16,395
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    Thanks for the new thread @beanielou.  I've bookmarked it so that I can find it again!

    Will continue to post on the old thread tomorrow and start on here on Saturday for the New Year!

  • bubbs
    bubbs Posts: 66,807
    Name Dropper Photogenic First Post First Anniversary
    Thanks Beanie 😘😘
    Sealed pot challenge number 003 £350 for 2015, 2016 £400 Actual£345, £400 for 2017 Actual £500:T:T £770 for 2018 £1295 for 2019:j:j spc number 22 £1,457Stopped Smoking 22/01/15:D:D::dance::dance:- 5 st 1 1/2lb :dance::dance:
  • Can I join back in for the millionth time? Will hopefully be rejoining class tomorrow. Will post again after weigh in.

    B x
  • joedenise
    joedenise Posts: 16,395
    First Post Name Dropper First Anniversary
    Welcome @Betharooni.  Tomorrow will be a good time to start - there are new books out now however it doesn't sound as though there are any real changes to the plan from what someone on the old thread posted!  Just as well as don't think I'm likely to be back in target before 16 January which is when they're stopping handing them out to those who are already members!

  • Suffolksue
    Suffolksue Posts: 1,369
    First Anniversary First Post Name Dropper
    t please may I join you all again 
    I want to lose 2 stone + what I’ve regained in December !
    so that works out at 8 lb a quarter,written down like that it looks easy 🤣🤣
    will be going to group every Saturday as it just doesn’t work on my own !
  • Waves white flag and creeps back in lol. 😳

    I am a returner too. I was a target member but that was at the start of the pandemic. I never joined in with the SW zoom sessions. When the groups restarted, I had gone back to nursing and was on a shift pattern that meant it really wasn’t going to be easy to commit to the same group. I thought I could do it on my own but of course I couldn’t and I now am carrying an extra stone plus the 5lbs I’ve put on over the festive period. All my clothes and uniform fit but they are snug and I don’t feel good in them. This, and the start of the new year, are the motivation I need.
    Im not going to rejoin at SW but I am going to be accountable on here - if you’ll have me back.
    I've weighed in this morning (that’s how I know about the 5lbs) and will weigh in either on a Friday or a Saturday depending on my shifts.
    I know I’ve got a battle on my hands but I am very keen to get a significant chunk (if not all) by Easter Saturday 16th April. This gives me 15 weeks. It will be my gift to myself if I can do it - and I know that I can 🤗

  • maman
    maman Posts: 28,393
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    Welcome @Betharooni and @Matron_Midge. It's good to see you again.😊 You know that Slimming World works. Good luck with losing the pounds! 

    Do ask any questions you have and we'll try to help. And do let us know if you notice any changes @Matron_Midge when you go back to group.

    I plan to go to group on 13th January and face whatever damage has been done over Christmas. I will post my menu for today but I won't be properly back on plan until Monday. I still have a few chocolates to finish off! 🤣

    I had the M&S Lamb Rogan Josh last night and it was very tasty. A bit pricey at £4.75 but a nice treat at 3 syns for 400g pack which I shared with DH. I'd buy it again and I noticed a lamb jalfrezi on the website  that might be worth a try.

    Today's Extra Easy plan-
    B- bacon, eggs (P), tomatoes (S), HEB toast,  part HEA1 milk for drinks
    L- JP (F), cottage cheese (P), pickles (S)
    D- lasagne (P,S, F and HEAs), salad (S)
    Syns- cornflour 1, chocs and weekend wine😁😋
  • Jellybaby
    Jellybaby Posts: 973
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    edited 31 December 2021 at 2:26PM
    Happy new thread. I’ll be here for the foreseeable, was horrified when I weighed this morning and have decided I’m rejoining SW next week.  My local class has a new consultant who is apparently very good and i know I need the accountability element and someone weighing me! 

    Food today and tomorrow is all SW friendly and only drinks tonight might be slightly over syns.
  • I started back at the end of November so that I could get a head start. Have had a gain this week but I'm looking forward to getting back into my usual routine. Next week is a great time to restart as the consultants will be going through the new packs with everyone.

    To those (like me) who didn't realize that there's a Slimming World podcast, I'd recommend listening to this. If you look it up on Spotify you'll see there's a good build up of them to listen to. I tend to listen at breakfast time instead of putting the radio or tv on and it gets me in the SW zone for the day. 

    Good luck everyone.

  • FrankieM
    FrankieM Posts: 2,454
    Name Dropper First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    I'm back on proper tomorrow.

    I had too many things in the freezer and cupboards and it all became a bit of a nightmare, but after today there will be nothing! :)

    And I'm doing dry-january cause I need to stop eating snacks..
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