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2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!

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  • plumduff55plumduff55 Forumite
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    ❤️ the collage 🤩
    Is it possible to keep the thread and change the title to reflect the New Year. I think this will attract more followers. 

    I'm going to work out my colours and make a colour chart for the temperature blanket today. I was given a small wicker hamper at Xmas. It looked great untill I took the food out and the basket was obviously well used . I would like to revamp it to store the wool etc for the blanket. I was thinking of spray painting it. Does anyone have any experience of what's best to use.

    Happy crafting xx
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  • TiggermadTiggermad Forumite
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    I think plumduff's suggestion of an updated title is a good one. I think craftingmad would be able to do it as author?

    Lovely to see the collage of pics.

    As always, I start each year determined to craft more  :lol: so I'll see how i get on this year. I'm currently making a mini album with handmade envelopes as a seed holder/organiser for a friend whose birthday is in March and she's a keen gardener. Plus a post it notebook in matching paper. I've also two hard note books to decorate for a friend's birthday but that's not until November!

    Plus I have a Lilliput Lane cross stitch I've been making for my mum, as she collects the china but that's been going for 5-6 years due to complexity so maybe this year might be the year. Her birthday is also in November so have time .....

    And a hanging wooden heart decoration that needs repainting to match a friend's kitchen (would be a present for her October birthday). Mmmmm, I'm sure I have other UFOs around as well. 

    Happy crafting everyone and looking forward to seeing all your makes this year  :)
  • WraithladyWraithlady Forumite
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    Personally, I'd prefer a complete new thread - I find a huge number of pages offputting, when, e.g. I'm looking for how many I said I'd do and it's page 68 - or is it 79? type of thing and it may be confusing for anyone wanting to join in this year.
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  • vulpixvulpix Forumite
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     Love the picture collage.

     No experience of spray painting wicker,sorry. I have spray painted other things though (metal and leather) and just used spray from my discount store and they have been fine. 

     I have researched a temperature blanket and am hooked on the idea. definitely on my to do list. When I have used my stash up obviously. Hahahaha.

     I  have done no crafting for about a week. perhaps it's because I am making myself do UFO's.

  • emsi_bemsi_b Forumite
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    emsi_b said:
    @emsi_b you've peaked my curiosity-what are popcorn pouches? Sorry to hear of your bad fair experiences too-I've been there! No fun! 
    The microwave popcorn pouches are a lined pouch with a foldover flap- very straight forward to make, and then pop a quarter cup of corn kernels in, 2-4mins in the microwave (until they're mostly popped, 2 secs between pops). I put sweets, corn kernels and hot chocolate sachets (and instructions!) in the pouches :) I didn't take any photos, but have a spare to make for my son, so will take a photo of that when it's done.
    wow this sounds really interesting! Love to see a photo of your last pouch when you are done!

    Here is the pouch! Adding it in here and in rhe new one, JIC
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