2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!



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    fab Florence,  I hope you enjoy it.  Its been a fantastic resource and community over the last couple of years for people who are anywhere on a scale of needing to clear a room to those involved with clearing their own place plus parents and/or inlaws whole houses.

    I've just put a post on trying to summarise some of the hints and tips ive gained over the years as different philosophies resonate at different times

    Daisy xx
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  • emsi_b said:
    @emsi_b you've peaked my curiosity-what are popcorn pouches? Sorry to hear of your bad fair experiences too-I've been there! No fun! 
    The microwave popcorn pouches are a lined pouch with a foldover flap- very straight forward to make, and then pop a quarter cup of corn kernels in, 2-4mins in the microwave (until they're mostly popped, 2 secs between pops). I put sweets, corn kernels and hot chocolate sachets (and instructions!) in the pouches :) I didn't take any photos, but have a spare to make for my son, so will take a photo of that when it's done.
    wow this sounds really interesting! Love to see a photo of your last pouch when you are done!
  • just wondering, is there a 2023 thread yet? 
  • Soontobeoap
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    Could i join please. I have a craft shed with so many crates of crafting stash that i would love to use up. I have watched and posted  a couple of times but would love to do a full year with a view to making christmas a little cheaper next year. 
    *craft stash 2023 = £108.36 spent - 78 items made/mended/finally finished. 
    *115/150 decluttering challenge. 🏅🏅🏅🥇⭐. Mr Soon2B🏅
    *GC 2022 = £3154.96 / £3,600
     GC 2023 = £2464.19/£3200.  september £184.46/£200

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    Hi just delurking to say I have followed this thread for the year and I do think it is a really great idea to encourage people to use their stash and not keep buying more. I have loads of stuff that needs using but I have loads of other stuff that gets in the way. I am currently trying to declutter the junk to give myself the space to get on with my crafting so I do hope it continues and at some point I aspire to be able to join you.
    Take care everyone
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    Happy New Year Crafters 🧶🪡🧵🧶
    Today I make lists 🥴, I work out my outgoings for last year and my budget for next year. I also wander around each room and list anything that needs done or bought. And I've had a brilliant idea !!!
    A temperature blanket - I've just heard of them and was thinking this would be a great way to use up some of my wool stash. I'm going to try crochet. 50 years ago I made a crochet bed blanket all done in squares then sewn together. Recently I've made a doll's blanket. So I'm not exactly an expert but would love to give it a go. 
    Has anyone ever done this or can point me in the direction of a good website? 

    Happy crafting xx
    Debt free - Mortgage free - Work free ( in that order :) )
  • Katiehound
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    Erm just wrote a long reply and then realised I had missed the point. (all about Granny squares!)

    Googled 'temperature blanket' 
    Not my scene I think, doing a couple of rows per day that reflect the temperature........but good luck with it.
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    Many thanks
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     Happy New year. Please could I join you in 2023? I have joined in previous years but have been busy with a new house and RL for a while. I have still been crafting though. I have read along with 2022 thread and admired your skills. I love a photo. Thank you for sharing.

     My stash has grown slightly due to accepting other people's giveaways.For several years now I have only been spending to buy something to enable me to finish a project. My makes are determined by what I already have. Currently I have a few UFO's. A sashiko quilt and a Noah's ark cross stitch. I also have a million other germs of ideas to use up what I already have. I need to move some of this stash on and into makes as I have very limited storage at this house.Once made I generally give whatever away.

     Plumduff55 I have never heard of a temperature blanket,but I love the idea. Go for it,just do your own thing.

     Vulpix x
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    Hi all, I really need to get down the garden to my "craft cabin". I have several projects that I want to do this month. I was given 2 rug hooking type cushions as christmas presents. Fantastic to do in front of television. Also some porcelain paints. I bought a couple of white plates in November 2022 so want to have a go at making a couple of gifts if my art is up to it. Would also like to use up spare card blanks and left over diamond painting gems to make christmas cards for next year. Some projects are quicker than others so aiming to complete 10 craft projects in January with no spending.

    The idea is that once the room is cleared I can restyle inside and freshen it up outside. I am so lucky to have it and need to make the most of it. 

    I love seeing everyones photos too. 😊
    *craft stash 2023 = £108.36 spent - 78 items made/mended/finally finished. 
    *115/150 decluttering challenge. 🏅🏅🏅🥇⭐. Mr Soon2B🏅
    *GC 2022 = £3154.96 / £3,600
     GC 2023 = £2464.19/£3200.  september £184.46/£200

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