2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!



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  • happychick1976
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    Hi everyone, well just managed 2 and a half out of my 4 goals last week 🤪

    I finished the Xmas stocking for grandson. I'll post pics. Usually my stockings are all Xmas red, gold and green but I had this fabric in my stash. It is Christmassy but blue and white. Baby will be 7 months on Christmas Day so he won't be complaining about the colour 😂.

    I finished the hat and it's perfect. I've written down the modified instructions as I would buy that wool again.

    The Christmas tote bag is only half finished as I didn't have another red zip so hoping the zip arrives soon.

    I've never even started the Christmas quilt block. I must now decide whether to concentrate on getting the quilt blocks done or leave it till next year. Once we're into December life just gets so busy that it's hard to get much done.

    So my goals for next week are

    1) I have some wool left from the hat and scarf so I will try getting another scarf out of it. I have a lacy scarf pattern that doesn't take a lot of wool and knits up quickly so I will knit that.
    2) Finish the Christmas bag when the zip arrives.
    3) Either get 3 quilts blocks done or GIVE UP !!!
    4) Re-start knitting the Aran jacket for youngest dgd. I've already done the back and both sleeves so panic there. 

    Happy crafting xx

    If you don't have enough for a scarf, have you made neck warmers/cowls? Basically a loop/circle that pulls over the head and sits closer to your neck. I've crocheted a few and they're super warm, plus you don't get dangle scarf bits in the way- useful in lots of situations 🙂
  • plumduff55
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    Good morning everyone, happy to say I achieved all my goals last week so onward and upward with the Christmas quilt.

    I finished the scarf with only metres of wool leftover - that was lucky. Thanks @happychick1976 - one of the scarves is a short crossover scarf with 3 buttons. I made up the pattern myself and it's perfect for not being too bulky under coats. 

    Next week my goals are:
    1) Finish Aran jacket for granddaughter.
    2) Finish blocks for the Christmas quilt. The last couple of blocks will be substitutes for the ones in the pattern that I don't like. This will take a bit of mixing and matching but I'm always up for a challenge.
    3) Not crafting but I'm going to put my Christmas tree 🎄 up on Friday. This is early for me but after an awful year I'm looking forward to a bit of Christmas cheer.

    Happy crafting xx
    @em@emsi_b The fish button is beautiful - so unusual ❤️
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  • Wraithlady
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    Christmas card cross-stitch done - now just got my niece's jumper and a bit of light embroidery work (ie the machine does the actual work)  to do before Xmas. Good job I'm off some of next week!
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  • bit_by_bit
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    Thanks @greentiger :) DD is very happy.  :)

    Just caught up with all the makes. I wish I had the time. Blankets are my thing just now until I get my craft room resorted in the New year.

    I have nearly finished a knee blanket for SiL birthday but have been asked now to do a blanket for GS3. I will finish the baby blanket first as his birthday and Christmas are both before the SiL birthday. I got the wool the other day and will settle to it as soon.

    Straight after finishing SiL blanket that I am onto a single bed blanket for DD boyfriend who is visiting from Canada in Jan to Feb. I just need to get it done before he goes back. 

    I have spent more than my allowance of £50 this year, mostly on wool. I hope to do better nest year. 

    Take care and keep well all.  :)
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  • plumduff55
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    Good morning,

    This week I've finished sewing the Christmas blocks and it's looking good 😃. I wanted a cosy backing so I've ordered cream wincyette online and I have cotton wadding in my stash. I just hope the wincyette arrives in time for me to finish the quilt. 
    I've only to sew up dgd's Aran jacket and knit on button bands. 

    Next week I'm goals are:
    1) Sew all Christmas blocks together
    2) Complete Aran jacket
    3) Start hat with earpieces to go with Aran jacket.

    This week is very busy for me as I'm out every day so I won't get much sewing done but I will get on with my knitting in the evenings. I might try and get some of the blocks sewn together today.

    Happy crafting xx
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  • Florenceem
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    Dgd is a sheep in the school nativity - has to take her costume along tomorrow. I was only told on Friday that she needed one. My sewing machine didn't like the fur so I tried another machine - same. So I sewed the costume by hand yesterday. I used black velvet for the ears inside bits.
    Same Dgd wanted a sleeping bag for her elf - like her siblings so I made that after Church today.

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  • plumduff55
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    @Florenceem - your dgd will love these
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  • sammy_kaye18
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    Hello all

    Been awol for a while and done a little bit of crafting but not too much. 

    Made a couple of cards - one new home card and a birthday card for my niece. 

    Then cut up an old onesie of my daughters and made it into doggie jumpers/coats for the puppy and my little chihuahua x jack. 
    Not used a sewing machine in a while so Im surprised, they turned out so well to be honest. 

    Now working on a cross stitch that Im hoping to give as a Christmas present to my MIL so I really need to get my backside in gear and do some of it. Husband is away for the night so I have plenty of time to sit and do it but motivation is waning a bit with worrying about Christmas! 

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