2022 - No Craft Spending - I WILL bust my stash and make pretty things!!!!!



  • plumduff55
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    @Florenceem Great idea - well done 👍 
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  • Everyone has been up to some amazing things!

    We just returned from an escape to Orlando-what a difference in weather! So cold here now! 

    I need to get on with some crafting but just feel a bit overwhelmed looking at the to do list!

    Hope everyone has a lovely festive season!
  • Florenceem
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    Today I helped to sew curtains for a nativity at my SA.
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  • greentiger
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    Hi all!   You've all done so well.   I'm still really in stalled mode.   I've not even done any reading.
    I haven't knitted or crocheted .   I have done a (very) little sewing - a couple of gift bags.   I have made 5 birthday cards.
    Hoping to get most of, if not all of, my gift bags done this weekend.
    Remember to take time for yourselves, folks.
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  • plumduff55
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    Hi everyone, this past week I've finished the Aran jacket for dgd. I've just to sew on the buttons and knit the hat. I've only got 80g of wool left so I think the hat will just be a plain pull on hat. I don't want to waste time knitting it then find out there's not enough wool and have to rip it back.

    The wincyette fabric arrived and I've layered the Xmas quilt together. I'm going try free motion quilting which is a huge thing for me. I only ever quilted a small table topper like this but have never tried a bit project like a quilt. I shall post pics as long as you can ignore the mistakes 😂.

    I'm feeling good that I've got on so well and might add some dolls clothes to my knitting list for Xmas.  I've bought dgd a doll for Xmas and it would be nice to add some clothes.
    Happy crafting xx

    Debt free - Mortgage free - Work free ( in that order :) )
  • emsi_b
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    I've had an unsuccessful run of craft fairs- sold 1 card at one, did ok at another but not enough to make the pitch back, and a third I sat in an unheated shed and didn't see a customer! I was supposed to do the latter one twice more, but I've sacked that off. It gives me time to finish my Christmas gifts if I'm not sat twiddling  my thumbs there!

    I still need to make 6 microwaveable popcorn pouches and two sets of quilted coasters. One set of coasters is almost done, the other is cut out. 3 of the pouches are cut out and the last of the material to use is in the washing machine right now. The coasters are good stash busters, they use up fairly small leftovers so will probably make up some more at some point. Probably after I've had my machine serviced- I found a huskvarna specialist in York who are happy to service my almost antique sewing machine, so will be dropping that off with them in Jan.
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  • @emsi_b you've peaked my curiosity-what are popcorn pouches? Sorry to hear of your bad fair experiences too-I've been there! No fun! 
  • plumduff55
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    Good morning everyone, definitely not as freezing this morning although I don't think it's to last long 🤨.
    Ive finished the aran set for dgd and will post pics later. 
    The quilt is still not finished. I needed more thread and having never done free motion quilting before had no idea how much I'd need. I bought 2 reels of 100m and I've only done about half the quilt. Decided I'd go to local town yesterday to buy more thread but after 100 yards realised the paths/roads were treacherous so about turned. I only live about 200 yards from the bus stop but it was just too dangerous. 
    I have knitted two outfits for dgd's doll - they knit up so quickly but then they need sewn up. A fiddly job I hate !!!
    Today I'm going to start Xmas baking and knit some more dolls clothes. 
    Tomorrow I shall attempt to get to town to buy thread again. After all my rushing I will be most upset if I don't manage to get the quilt finish because of the WEATHER 😱.
    Happy crafting xx

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  • Tiggermad
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    Sounds like lots of you are being productive :smile:

    I was on a craft weekend last weekend, had a fab time. Made a few cards (12 or so) including using up a kit I have had for ages. Made a flip over hanging advent calender and 12 mini Christmas crackers. Played bingo, ate lots of food and cake and had a fab time talking to other crafters and seeing what they are working on.

    Was also told about an online craft shop having a moving sale with up to 70% off so have bought some stamps and papers that I *need* so have failed dismally with not buying anything extra. However I did use one of the stamps the day after it arrived to make a new home card, that is ready to post tomorrow.

    I am determined to craft more in 2023 as it relaxes me and I have a lot of stuff that I can't justify keeping/ buying more of unless I actually use it :wink:
  • I've finally found time to start working on wedding decorations-I've made hanging disc garlands from card, tissue paper tassels (I did end up buying the tissue paper pompoms I was going to make but I would of had to buy more tissue paper and buying them premade was in fact cheaper as well as quicker). 

    Next I'm on to figuring out how to make roses out of playing cards...

    Merry Christmas everyone!
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