The "Save 12k in 2022" Thread!

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So, the title is pretty self explanatory, but this is the place to be in 2022 :D it's that time of year, again!

In 2022, the aim is to save £12k (or, any other amount if you like) from 1st January 2022 til 31st December 2022. I know it's early, but it gives you the time to plan for how you are going to do it. Please comment on the thread to sign up and any plans you might have to hit your aim!

It would be nice if people felt they could chat about their savings  challenges through the months, as it probably will help other people too  :)
2012 thread:
2013 thread:
2014 thread:
2015 thread:
2016 thread:
2017 thread:
2018 thread:

- This challenge starts on 1st January 2022 00:00 and finishes on 31st December 2022 23:59.
- Everything saved MUST be done between these two dates.
- Any interest gained during this challenge on your savings can be counted!
  Feel free to sign up :smiley: but, please only sign up if you intend to go the distance - the thread tends to start off great and then people disappear :(

CLICK HERE for the easy update form:

CLICK HERE to see the total amounts so far:

Click here for the accumulation totals (every year of the challenge, added up!):

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  • kev2009kev2009 Forumite
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    Please put me down for £6k and be great if can keep same number (003)?


  • ForestBluebellsForestBluebells Forumite
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    Me please earlier number if possible-£15000
  • Gizmo70Gizmo70 Forumite
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    Thanks for this new thread.
    Please put me down for £18k.
    Thanks again.
    Save £12k in 2022 #5: £6,009/£18,000 (33%)
    Save £12k in 2021 #17: £18,012/£18,000 (100%)
    Save £12k in 2020 #25: £15,522/£15,000 (103%)
    Save £12k in 2019 #112: £10,963/£10,500 (104%)
  • Hi,
    I would like to take part again!
    Number 24 if possible please.
    I will keep it simple and aim for £4,000 again.
    Many thanks,
  • becky_rtwbecky_rtw Forumite
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    Hi SF thanks for doing this again. 

    I'm in two minds about 2022, in terms of targets, but I'm going with 25k for now. 

    I may reduce this later as its a big birthday year and if I can I will likely do some big trips. Depends on travel restrictions. 

    Same number if possible 😊 no. 48 I think. 
    No. 48 Save 12k in 2021 Thread: Target 25k
    Progress £26,565/£25,000

    Save £12k in 2022 Thread: Target £25k
    Progress £9,050 / £25,000
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    geoffers4geoffers4 Forumite
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    Hi slowly thanks so much for doing the thread for another year’s savings. Please could you put me down for £16000. Ta 
    No. 2 in Save 12k in 2017-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022
    No.22 in Save 12k in 2016
    No.30 in Save 12k in 2015
    No. 6 in Save 12k in 2014
    No.193(!) in Save 12k in 2013
  • BetharooniBetharooni Forumite
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    Hi slowlyfading

    Can I be in again for 2022? Am still finalising my target but will come back ASAP to confirm it.

    B x
    Save £15K in 2021 #13 £ £13,518.67/£15,000 / £17,032.87 saved in 2020
    Make £2021 in 2021 #2 £1,162.46/£2.021 / £1,897.24 made in 2020
    3-6 Month Emergency Fund £2,550.32/£5,000
  • Wentthedaywell?Wentthedaywell? Forumite
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    I'm retiring next year, so I'll go for £10,000 by May and then concentrate on spending all my savings! :D

    Thanks Slowly!
    Save £12k in 2022 thread #7:

    Save £10,000 Jan-May 2022 THEN RETIRE!!
    Final total for (half) year: -£4,000
  • Hi SF sign me up again for £5000
    #18 in Save £12K in 2018 Saved £4020
    #53 in Save £6K in 2019 Saved £4180
    #7 in Save £5K in 2020 Saved £4957
    #36 in save £5K in 2021 Saved £8127
    #8 in Save £5K in 2022
  • lantannalantanna Forumite
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    Hi, 3 k for me please, hoping to buy a house so it will be a challenge to have that saved by the end of the year
    2022 bought a house, can’t wait to be a mortgage free wannabe
    12k savings 2022 #9 £ 1135/ £1000

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