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    I find semi skimmed milk freezes really well but needs a really good shake when defrosted.Good luck with the move
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    warby68 said:
    I'm curious, do you have supermarket deliveries where you are? We also consume a lot of milk. A once a week 'dairy' delivery sounds like it would be useful for you as it seems like you can never go out without needing milk, cheese or yogurt and it weighs a ton !!

    Sorry you're £7k out - I'd need to get to the bottom of that if it were me. Glad it doesn't affect things though.
    We don't have deliveries by supermarkets sadly!  We do have a person who delivers milk but it is extortionate and the problem is that milk here has very short dates so I'm not sure that a weekly delivery will work.  It's not so bad if I'm working in the office as I have to pass the shop on the way to the car - it's a pain now as we don't have a second parking space at the flat so I have to park at DH's work and walk the rest of the way carrying the milk but once we are in the house it will be fine as will be a short walk to car from shop and then straight into house!

    Thankfully it's not 7k as I had miscalculated - I had lumped in future savings and we also had a couple of further expenses re the house we hand't been given a figure for yet and DH has counted the insurance costs (which I've managed to get down to £1159 by increasing the excess to £250.  
    Oh well, nothing for it then but for the new bigger garden to get its own cow!!

    I think frozen milk goes weird but that longer life fresh stuff that lasts about 3 weeks is ok but it sounds like you don't get that either. If its any consolation CI milk is still a premium product here and costs twice as much as home grown.
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    So, DC1 drove me potty yesterday afternoon and evening.  Had them both on own all day - DH came home about 515 and took over (though I still got DC2 ready for bed etc) so I could wash and dry my hair as don't have time in the mornings (will in new house but here, the shower is in the en suite in DC1's room so even though I've been up since 415 being unable to sleep, I can't get showered and ready!) then went out to band practice with his mates at 7.  Trying to eat my dinner (and enjoy a cheeky Crunchie and This is Us) and DC1 came in 4 times to tell me he had "done a wee wee on the floor".  He's been using the toilet recently rather than the potty and at first I thought it was just an accident so was sympathetic but, as time went on (and he kept doing it), I lost patience as I felt he was doing it on purpose because he'd been told no when he wanted to go into our room with his story (Tonie) box because it would wake DC2.  I gave him the option of going in our room to sleep without it or staying in his room with it - explaining why.  Then he decided instead to take a plane into our room - fine, but 10 mins later there was an almighty racket and he was "flying" it up and down the walls!!!!  So he was told he had to go in his own room and then weed the further 3 times on the floor.  So after the fourth time of my mopping it up (having also stood in it), I did tell him off and tell him he had to wee wee on the toilet and that I was cross with him.  He then came in a 5th time saying "I done a wee wee in the toilet" which he was praised for - but he had left the tap running for the 3rd time tonight and we all know the issues with the water bill here!!!  Gah!!!!!!

    So, I basically did not have any break yesterday at all.  DH got home about 9 - went to check on him and of course he was fast asleep all angelic!!!!

    I feel so bad when I lose my patience - I mean, I didn't shout but I was quite firm, but it is just exhausting.

    Then I had a bad dream about the house and couldn't get back to sleep!

    Anyway, our equivalent of exchange now looks like Tuesday which is ok but another weekend of waiting.  However, we are sending the DC to MIL for a few hours sunday arvo so we can do some packing.  Most of our stuff is packed but I think what's left will take us longer than we think.

    In other news, DH was taken aside by his boss yesterday and told he was being promoted (though we are not sure when or what to!) and that that will come with "a commensurate payrise"!  So that is great as he really does deserve it - he goes above and beyond for his role and he deserves it so much - not to mention we will be happy with the extra pay obviously.  Can't remember if I said but I raised with my boss last Friday how I was unhappy with where I was said to fall in the "bracket" they gave last pay review for my role and could not understand why I was towards the bottom of it when I am one of the most experienced people they will get for that role.  They couldn't explain it when challenged either and gave a wishy washy answer.  Anyway, my boss said she had done the pay review (we get our new pay from 1 Feb) but couldn't tell me yet as it hadn't been signed off by the powers that be, but that she had tried to do the best with the "pot" she was given for our team and she thought I would be happy with it so that's good.  The more we can claw in given the house spend, the better.  And of course, I'm planning to go back 35 hours from Sept 2023 so that will also help.

    DH stuck some petrol in our rubbish care last night and got 2 x milk but not sure how much as no receipts!  I bet he bought himself some sneaky crisps too - ha ha!

    Today I have to nip to b**ts and get some more bronzer as mine is knackered and you know when there's only a bit left round the sides?  But I think I'll get that on points and also have 44 points to add to my Advantage card.  I really could do with a new brown eyeshadow too as again, there's only a bit left round the edges, but going to try to eek that out for longer, which you can't really do with bronzer due to the coverage needed!
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    Ooh - promotion sounds good! Well done DH. Fingers crossed for your pay review.

    Don’t feel bad about DC. They push you to your limits. I’m past breaking point now (dealt with two of them on my own for 3 days) and had harsh words for DD yesterday, but it just made her even more ridiculous. I can’t even face the day today knowing DD is being so awful at the moment.
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    Thanks @QueenJess - did you have a better day yesterday?  Hope so x

    Yesterday was pretty horrendous at work - the atmosphere is terrible and they are so exclusionary/divisive.  Basically, someone is coming back from mat leave in March and they've organised a "welcome back form maternity leave" lunch for her at a very nice restaurant, yet, when I came back, nothing was organised for me!  Also, one of the bosses has organised drinks at her new gaff but rather than invite the whole team, it's a select few (obviously I am persona non grata).  The thing is, I wouldn't mind but in everyone's monthly reviews they say they know the atmosphere is terrible and what can they do etc and they have been told repeatedly that they should be including people etc but.they.just.don't.

    I don't really know what to do.  I don't want to leave as my proper boss is in a different office and is lovely,  plus it's good pay/benefits  and very very flexible but it's just geographically I am located here.  I think maybe I just need to remove myself from the situation - work from home once we are in the new house and just literally get my head down and treat it as a job rather than a job with friends.

    Got some things from b**ts yesterday so painkillers (as started my period - gah), sanitary products, prescription for DC1 and a bronzer so total was around £19.  Then, on way home, got the Gu cheesecakes as it was friday so we wanted a nice pudding, but they were only £2 at offer - and I think on the weekend is fine.

    Got to do big shop this morning and we do need a fair bit (mainly for the DC as they seem to have hollow legs).  Not sure what else we are up to today.  Dinner tonight is risotto from freezer.
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    I totally understand with the welcome back do. Ours has occasional teams quizzes, the winners always got a nice prize. I won last Easter and got nothing….I’ll never try and win again! I never even mentioned it as I don’t want to look grabby, but I secretly now know I’m either not liked or not important to the team manager. You can shrug it off, of course, but we all have that little person inside us who was terrified at the times when our friends weren’t talking to us at school ☹️ I struggle with the lesson that not everybody is your friend and have to remind myself that they don’t have to be! 
    So sorry you experienced this WW!  But you are absolutely spot on about the little person and memories of school - that's exactly what I was saying to DH last night!  And it is hard to accept not everyone is our friend.  I've decided to focus on the friends I DO have and on my family and not sweat the work people.  I am also possibly going to ask that my social budget be moved to another team and I do things with them instead.  Not sure how that will go down!
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    I feel your pain having to wait an extra weekend. It’s very unsettling that feeling of frustration and powerlessness when your life is in other people’s hands! 

    Theoretically, a job is just a job but it’s so much nicer when you can call some of your colleagues friends too! 
    Thank you - yes, it is frustrating but only one more weekend until we have some certainty and we are hoofing the boys off to MIL tomorrow arvo for a bit and doing some packing!!!!  (I think this will help).

    Oh I know and it used to be SO different.  It is such a shame.
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