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I became debt free a week ago , so have decided to start a new diary to cover my journey to working part time when I am 60 in 19 months . Retirement completely will depend on certain factors , so for now I am aiming to be doing 2 days a week starting jan 2023. I want to try and save as much as I can in the next 19 months to have a little bit of rainy day money. It is very likely that I will be paying rent all through my retirement so anything I can save now will help. I want to carry on with all my MSE things that I have learnt over the last few years and try and be frugal , which will hopefully help me in my retirement. Let's see how I do with that idea. 

Debt free April 26th 2021



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    Happy shiny new diary  :grin:
    Settles in.
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    Happy New Diary x
    September 2017 Debt = £25330

    Starting afresh.

    You can do anything if you put your mind to it. x
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    How lovely, good luck with your saving ⭐️
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    All tall the best with your new diary and your saving goals!👍
    Have subscribed!😀
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    Have subscribed 😁 I think a lot of people will be staying with home workouts.
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    Happy new diary SSG2 😊.  I am 9 years younger than you and will follow this journey if that's ok? I am trying to sort my pensions so I can work 2 days a week from about the age of 62... well that's my plan!  In some ways renting is easier - if you have a good landlord you should never have to worry sorting out any maintenance.  My house is 50 years olod and the neighbours are all starting to get new roofs - something like that is not on my radar at all!

    take care and hope you had a lovely morning in work xx
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    Lovely to 'see' you and looking forward to reading your adventures running up to working part time. 
  • milann
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    Happy new diary. 
    Your plans sound good. An aim to go part time will ease you gradually before you finish working completely.
    There will certainly be a big void when Debenhams goes from the big city. I wonder what’ll happen to the building. I’ve visited that shop all my life 😥 I think this lockdown is the longest period without visiting there.....
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  • I've subscribed :). It's fantastic that you're debt free now and I'll enjoy reading the next part of your journey :).

    I will also miss Debenhams as I like their kitchenware department and it's good having so much variety under one roof. I think ours is still open (for now). A lot of people will miss it I think and you wonder what will happen to the empty premises..                  
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