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Elnur Gabarron Heaters

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    Thanks for your post. That is really useful. Also i managed to find the installation manual where it tells you how to adjust the balancing element settings as there is no mention of this in the other operating instruction manual. I have made the same adjustments as yourself & hopefully this will make a big difference. Thanks again 
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    Set the heaters using the installation manual first (reset to default then you know your starting fresh), then work through the user manual to program how you want them to work.

    I confirm adjusting the balancing element setting and adjusting the overheat setting has made a noticeable reduction in kWh used in the evenings at peak rate therefore much reduced costs.  

    Since making the change my total usage has reduced to even less than the 15 year old Credas without feeling any less colder.  The weather has also been much colder the last couple of days compared to when mine were installed three weeks ago and not programmed for my liking.

    I asked Elnur in a further email, if the initial charge setting was worth changing from the default ST80 to 90 or 100. Elnur replied…. 

    Your heater can take a full charge within the 7hour period and can be changed from 80 to 90-100. It depends on what the heat loss is in your room that the heater is in which is why it might be using your balancing element. 
    Have you noticed a red dot in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen when the fan is on? This will indicate the balancing element is on, which is on your more expensive rate, and this is used to help give a boost to your room. 
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