To use Guineapigsqueaks/Sa1sysoo words “A new thread for declutterbugs in (2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020) 2021 !" 

2020 had a great start - we went on holiday to the Dominican Republic - just a week but we decluttered stress & thought we were setting ourselves up for a productive year 😆 How wrong can one person be 😂 
You would have thought that with the Covid19 Pandemic (for most of 2020, with all foreign holidays cancelled ☹️) that a full declutter & all the decorating would have been a breeze 😔 However yet again I was not as productive in 2020 as I had intended  😔 NO full declutter and the decorating has been restricted to deciding on a colour for the bedroom & buying the paint 😆  One success was that DH & I (with a bit of input from DSis) managed to sort out the garden. We will never be self sufficient with vegetables but we managed to grow 6kg of potatoes from ‘eyes’, 12kg of tomatoes, lettuce, 5 radishes ☹️, Swiss chard, kale, rosemary, olives (2kg brined for use in 2021). Several neighbours were gifted a small amount of hg produce 😉 Also grew some rhubarb 🤤 

Depressingly I believe that 2021 will be more of the same made worse by the ‘BR....’ word 😢

Now to cheer you all up (a little at least) 😉 a shiny new Decluttering Thread


My good intentions (sadly resolutions are always broken) for 2021 are:

1. Finish DH’s office carpeting, put up a long shelf & declutter fully.
2. Decorate & re-carpet our bedroom. 
3. Complete all little repair jobs around the house.
4. Be as productive as possible in the garden.
5. The bathroom refurbishment will now be 2022 😉 UNLESS we complete all of the above.

So who will make the 2021 decluttering journey with me? ALL are welcome 👏 Whether you are doing a major declutter or a maintaining declutter. This will continue to be a supportive & encouraging thread - our aim being to declutter our lives of physical & electronic items & maybe even the stress of having too much ‘stuff’ plus keeping each other’s spirits up in these difficult times. A laugh & a joke, a shoulder to lean on & a place to vent (within Forum Rules) - hopefully provided here.  A real bonus is that decluttering makes our homes safer &  cleaning easier 😉😉

Gold Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ will continue making an appearance, as well as medals 🎖 🏅

Plenty of options available on numbering the clutter out :D

2021 in 2021 or 52 in 52 weeks even 365 in 365 days or maybe by room. If you are feeling really adventurous a la basketcase (2018) - you can weigh the clutter out 😉

Whichever numbering option you choose or you may choose not to number, we would love to hear both your success stories & your ways/methods of decluttering - they may not have worked for you but they may work for someone else.

I am hoping that everyone who posted on the 2018 & 2019 & 2020 threads will also post on the 2021 thread 🙂 + lots of new people.

I know I am a bit early in setting up this thread but it can help to plan your decluttering - ‘To Do Lists’ are your friends 😉

So join me in my quest to have a clutter free, decorated & tidy home with no hidden horrors 😆


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