NST: November 2020 - Madness!!!



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    Could I join please Apple? thanks so much for the challenge! 
    Emergency fund €1K/€2K
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    Day 1 and I've spent @ smkt (although no stocking up/ panic buying!)

    Food has been ok and I've just made myself go for a (short) walk in the rain as my step count was pitiful - and is still less than 6k, so I can see I need to do some more! I did say hello to everyone I passed whilst out walking, though :)

    Nesting - half way through having new lights (ones that work!!!!) in the kitchen  and a stud wall taken down in the family room- lots of mess and dust - cleaned most of it up last night but more will be created tomorrow, so this week is all about getting rid of that and getting the house 'back together' (we currently have guitars, gym equipment and several other things in the living room which normally live in the family room....)

    Exercise - short walk in rain. My new gym membership starts on Thursday this week!!! Hmmm - shan't be using that this month, then! :joy: Will aim for 10k steps/ day. 

    Grateful for: a warm house, food in the cupboards, my lovely children
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