NST: November 2020 - Madness!!!

B) NST:  November 2020 – Madness!!! B)

What do you want from November? Is it just a stop-gap month when you try desperately to get ahead for THAT DAY in December? Well, not no more it ain’t! It is a month all of its own with its own demands and character. Another fresh start.

We are the Ninja Saving Turtles and we set ourselves monthly challenges that stretch us and engage us and keep us moving forwards (or sideways, or round in circles, but never backwards because we are constantly learning about ourselves).

Welcome to NST November madness!

March to a different beat. Turtles make their own beat and march to it – we don’t follow the crowd. Find your rhythm in life and enjoy it. (Like being at a silent rave where everyone is listening to different music and dancing to their own rhythm.) Be proud of the changes you are making and what you are trying to accomplish.

Alternate spending -  at least 15 NSDs – that means you can spend on alternate days (generous, huh?). An NSD will NOT be spoiled by purchasing Yellow Sticker products only, or medication, fuel or paying for regular children’s activities or irregular ones like window cleaners (when the monies are put aside in an envelope).

Donate – pass items on to charity shops, to friends, to friends of friends. Give money to charities if you can – we all have our personal preferences. Give away smiles – or at least crinkle your eyes at people from behind your mask. Donate your time – stop and chat with someone, or send a text, write a letter…

Nesting – it is your house, in the middle of your street. Make your living + working + sleeping + playing spaces separate. Make them what you want them to be. If you want a headboard from loo rolls, go for it! Get rid of things you don’t particularly like. Keep the fleecy blankets to hand, to snuggle up in. Get the twinkly fairy lights up (ours stay up all year!).

Exercise to your level and enjoy yourself. Get outside as much as you can. Breathe deep and reflect. What really matters? What brings you joy?

Spending. It has to be done. But we can control it. Look at your budget (you do have one, don’t you?). Does it need tweaking, given the uncertainty that abounds at the moment? Plan your month: appointments, meetings, kids’ activities, (ir)regular events. And start to plan what you will need for THAT DAY next month. And then simplify it: reduce the amount and variety of food you get in; reduce the amount of presents you ‘have’ to give; reduce the amount you spend on presents. We know not to get sucked in to the rampant and blatant consumerism at this time of year, but it does tug very hard!

Stay strong and true to yourself one day at a time, no matter what happens, no matter what anyone else says, no matter how they act. Everything ends at some point. Good times AND bad. So persevere through the hard times knowing they will be over and you will get through them, and be present to enjoy the good times with as much gratitude as possible. Control what you can (your behaviours and thoughts), cope with what you can't (the behaviours of others), command your morning, conquer the chaos, and concentrate on what counts. Never give up on what is right for YOU.

Who is with me for a month of madness?

NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!


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    Can you please add me to the list?  Thanks.
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    Me please apple.
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