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Motorbike, Moped and Scooter Insurance Discussion

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  • This is a very good case for PAYING YOUR INSURANCE MONTHLY - you retain some control. RAC (the broker, trading as Devitts) have blamed the poor refund (less than 20% of whole year premium after 3.5 months; even though their own terms state (only) 40%) on Zenith (the underwriter). Zenith have responded (via Facebook and Twitter - good for raising their attention / getting a response) by saying RAC / Devitts will respond. So they are both hiding behind each other. After 25 years of motorbike insurance, this has shocked me. Disgusted by their fraud. I am reporting both to the Financial Ombudsman.
  • SimonSaysSimonSays Forumite
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    You mean Devitts trading as RAC?

    WHen you get cheap this is what you get. Zenith have given you lip service (Well they are Gibraltar insurer of which their head office is a hut on the beach)

    Its not fraud. Its the customer getting cheap then expecting full service at small prices.
  • Not sure if it's just me, but each time I use the comparison sites, they all come up with the same premiums for the same insurers. Seems like I've wasted my time as my current bike insurer - Aviva - works out cheaper. It did last year at renewal time too. I still go through this exercise each year though, in the hope that I will get a cheaper quote! Happens on the car insurance too!
  • It's time for my insurance renewals for my Direct Bikes moped. Thought i'd give comparison sites a try. None of them recognize my registration, so have to input model etc manually. doesn't list Direct Bikes as a manufacturer. Not too much of a problem, currently with MCE and they are coming up as 3rd cheapest on other sites any how, with better cover than the cheaper companies. Incidentally, my reg does exist on DVLA database as just renewed by tax.
  • i have a German scooter and i insure mine with devitt. fully comp was £208 per year with compulsory excess of £186.00 and no voluntary. i was riding a sym dd 80 and insured without a problem. i will need to change the insurance to a new bike as mine is now no more after an accident. they were very good at arranging to get the bike collected and assessed. still waiting for settlement but it is early days yet as accident was only 3 weeks ago.
  • Hello all. Used to be a biker, racked up 10 years NCB (mostly with Carole Nash) then went to car (transferred my NCB) and now I want to buy a bike again. Phoned up Carole Nash only to be told the law has changed recently and you can no longer transfer your NCBs. So my proud history of NCB's has been wiped, just like that. I'm 40, I want to get a gixxer1000 k1 (value 1K) and I was quoted the same for 3rd party despite my unblemished record (which now means nothing according to them). Do you guys know if this is a new *statutory* law and I've not got to start all over again? I can really do without having to get a piece of cr&p for a few years while having to build my NCB's again. If it's not statutory, does anyone know of an insurance company who would transfer my car NCBs (which originally came from my bike!) back to my bike again?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Thanks - just got a quote from them via your experience and they've undercut my insurance by £50
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