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Motorbike, Moped and Scooter Insurance Discussion

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  • Gordon861Gordon861 Forumite
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    I've used for the last 3-4 years or so, they've always come in with the best quote.

    I got hit a year ago and the whole thing was delt with over the phone, I called them and told them which garage I intended to get the bike to, they had the assesor there within 48hrs and I had a solicitor working for me within a similar time. The bike was roadworthy quicker than I was.

    Another big plus is they are based in the UK, if I have to call up I'm not messing with a call centre on the other side of the planet.

    Finally I personally would never touch Norwich Union with a barge pole, I have heard too many bad things about them, they seem to do whatever they can to avoid paying.
  • dreemgirldreemgirl Forumite
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    Anyone know the best insurers to insure a chinese Import Moped???
  • cas1701cas1701 Forumite
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    nappentass wrote: »
    Great article thanks.

    If you have a Harley it may also be worth getting an additional quote from their own insurance - my OH did and has found it the cheapest for him for the last couple of years, but we'll see how it works out later this year from the updated plan

    Speaking purely as a Harley owner who has modified my bike considerably i.e. 6 speed transmission cluster in place of the standard 5 speed built into it at the factory, which comes under the area of a modification away from the factory standard; many, many extras and add-ons that both H-D produce as accessories and other after market companies, I can honestly say that every time I have had to renew my insurance I've always shopped around to get a competitive price. And each time H-D insurance has always come out the cheapest. They also offer a guaranteed value of the bike which should it be stolen or wrecked I know from the beginning of the insurance year exactly what money I will get back.

    So far I've not found any other insurance company willing to offer that kind of guarantee. Also most Insurance companies have a limit on the maximum value of a given bike they're willing to insure. To show you what I mean, last year I looked around for the best insurance for my bike. My bike on its own is worth £7950 (without modification); but also has £11,500 worth of accessories and changes on it making a grand total of £19450 for the total value of the bike.

    Bennetts and BikeSure would not insure her as they have a maximum value limit of £15,000. However the best bit was that I went to some of the comparison sites; the cheapest I was quoted was £8,333 (Yes, you read that right, eight thousand, three hundred and thirty three pounds for one year's insurance) and the most expensive was a few quid shy of £10,000. Whereas H-D insurance (which is underwritten by AXA) cost me £325.00 for the year and because they know the value of the bike unmodified and have a full list of all the accessories installed, the value of both are then verified by my local Harley dealership, they are by far and away the best insurance for me and probably many others in the same position as I.

    I completely agree that it is best to shop around but if like me you're an aging biker and want to just cruise on a big bike and end up with a heavily customised Harley, go for their own insurance, it will probaly be the cheapest one of all (most of the time depending on what you've done to your bike).

  • ******OOOOOh!! Take Care *********
    I recently had a quote from MCE Insurance for both TPFT & F/Comp from MCE. A couple of days later I phoned back and decided to accept their F/Comp Quote, confirmed by a second person (who turned out to be a supervisor). When the paperwork came through the post, I had been charged the F/Comp rate for TPFT cover to be told that I "...would have to pay an extra £40 for an ammendment". I'm still battling with them to get my money back :mad: B E W A R E !!

    I think MCE do free laid up insurance with there home insurance.

    I've not used there home insurance but am happy with there bike insurance so might be worth a go.


  • henryscat wrote: »
    I'm currently looking for quotes myself. New rider on a Sukida SK125-4.
    28 years old and they are throwing stupid numbers at me like £200 3rd party!
    All because i'm a house husband apparently? £500 excess on a bike worth £800 aint too funny either.
    Thanks to this article i'm down to £120 a year :D

    Hi just insured my sukida with Devitt through the post office site and got one month free.
  • I am trying to insure a Sym Symply (hard enough as it is, not many have it on their lists) and the quotes given by the price comparison websites are usually lies. When you choose to go through with the insurance the price suddenly jumps. Why is this?
  • dacouchdacouch Forumite
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    I guessing Sym Symply is a Chinese imported bike, most Insurers are not keen on them.

    This company cover most of the Chinese motorbikes and are normally very competitive (The chinese bikes are often more expensive to Insure than normal bikes eg Kawasaki)

    Hope this helps
  • Sym is actually Taiwanese and a fairly mainstream manufacturer over here now. It's just the model I'm having trouble with...
  • dacouchdacouch Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts
    Tru the link I sent, I'm a broker and anything that is not main stream eg honda etc I go straight there as most other bike insurers don't want to know
  • markS_3markS_3 Forumite
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    I'm also looking for cheap insurance for a Chinese 49cc moped.

    The main problems seem to be that excesses are higher than the value of the scooter AND the failure of many sites to understand that car drivers with a licence issued before 2001 have full moped licence and don't need to pass CBT.

    You need to watch this latter point as, dare I say it, some insurers seem to deliberately fudge the issue until the last minute in order to get unjustified rankings on the price comparison sites, so even though you entered the correct info on the comparison form, their quote will assume a full bike licence and then jump up dramatically as soon as you correct the info when you get to their site.

    Most amazing quote so far has been £8,900 per year with £850 voluntary excess for fully comp on a scooter now worth £500.

    Best quote I've got is using Tesco comparison site (and Direct Choice who seem to use exactly the same search engine) at £51 for third party only.

    I would like TPFT at a reasonable cost and where the excesses don't exceed the value of the scooter - anyone had any luck ?
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