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Motorbike, Moped and Scooter Insurance Discussion

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  • pantheonpantheon Forumite
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    Chell wrote: »
    DO you think the legal cover is important with bike insurance? Very few of the quotes seem to inlude it as standard (unlike car insurance). I'm talking about for 125cc bike used for commuting, nothing powerful!

    I always take legal cover because it's easily 1000's of pounds if it all goes pear shaped. I have just been stung by 'aquote' insurance, they never sent me a reminder and claim to have re-insured my bike after I insured it elsewhere. Now they are asking for a £26 'cancellation charge' any ideas?
  • Gordon861Gordon861 Forumite
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    If an insurance company renewed my insurance without sending a renewal quote or asking me I would tell them where to poke it.

    The worry is, recently companies have started stating that they will autorenew next year unless told otherwise, the first thing I do after getting this in my paperwork is phone them up and tell them not to.

    Legal Protection - I always get it, two months ago I had a black cab do a u-turn in front of me in London. By the time I got out of hospital 2 hrs later I already had a solicitor working for me to claim back my loses. If it does happen it just makes things so much easier and a lot of companies don't charge for it, or don't charge much.

    I'm with Carole Nash now and they include Breakdown and Legal with their policies.
  • hex2hex2 Forumite
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    Another one steering clear of Bennetts in future. S came in at half the price, contacted Bennetts to cancel, then they renewed it anyway. They say I didn't contact them so now they have helped themselves to my money, and they are deducting an admin fee from my refund. I never gave them permission to auto renew, and I did contact them so they are charging me for their failings. Don't touch them!

    I will not be letting this go but wanted to warn other people.
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  • I have been with Carole Nash for a number of years and every year the policy goes up, this year was the final straw, from £125 last year to £176 this year, not bad some people may say for a 1500 Goldwing, but looking around, I finally got comprehensive insurance via Swinton for £76.34, deduct £27 for using Top Cashback and hey presto insured for another year for under £50, can't be bad.
  • Has any one used Swinton before? I found a site offering £30 cashback
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  • rwalton159rwalton159 Forumite
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    Just wanted to feedback my recent experiences of bike insurance quotes. I have a GSXR 750 K6 and I'm 43yrs old with 4yrs no claims.

    I'm a few weeks off renewing my insurance but have started to do my homework now. Fully comp!

    Over the past few days I've tried the following comparison websites which have provided much better / lower quote premiums that insurers own sites. = £140 Dual Direct = £124 Bennetts = £115.19 Bennetts

    All exclude legal cover which is around £30

    Bikewise quoted over £300 as did Carole Nash.

    After completing online quotes you'll receive calls from insurers trying to sell you their policies. I tell them my best quote and to call me back only if they can beat it.

    I recomend you finalise details and purchase insurance over the phone / shop rather than online as this allows you to speak to someone and check details - some questions are not always asked when completing online forms, which may screw things up if you need to quote at a later date
  • It's bad enough your forced into insurance with cars but it's plain ridiculous when you need it for mopeds which are little more than pushbikes.
  • Arg wrote: »
    It's bad enough your forced into insurance with cars but it's plain ridiculous when you need it for mopeds which are little more than pushbikes.

    Add to that the tax disc on my GSXR 750 says 'bicycle' and I have to pay £70 a yr tax.
  • Dear all,

    I just need to vent some frustration and hopefully warn a few others about an extremely unfair situation I've just had to deal with.

    Having lived in Birmingham for the first 10 months of a 12 month motorcycle insurance policy with Swinton, I called them today to change my address having just moved to London.

    However, Axa who have underwritten that particular policy, won't insure any bikes in my NW6 postcode that aren't kept in a garage (slightly limiting if you live in flat in North London). So I've effectively had to pay a £50 admin fee to cancel my policy, despite being quite content with it. I was then quoted £1200 to renew a policy that was previously £900, and whatever happens, I lose my 2nd year no claims bonus because I'm two months shy of earning it. The only option Swinton would give me is starting a brand new policy with them, underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance, who apparently don't mind that I don't have a garage.

    In the end I cancelled my Swinton Cover, with the £50 cancellation fee I think they owe me about £19, and I got a much cheaper quote of £800 with eBike Insurance, but I can only claim 1 year no claims rather than 2.

    Frustrating times.

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