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Motorbike, Moped and Scooter Insurance Discussion

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  • Any advice please!!!???

    My impulsive husband a non eu with one year non eu licence from India and another licence from Belarus and provisional UK bought a M600 Ducati 2000, he is being quoted 1000 for insurance, he wants to wait until he gets full UK licence and store the bike with SORN but he can't get short term insurance in order to drive it to storage... Advice pleas? Should he get a friend who has full UK licence to drive is with short term insurance? Should he sell it? When he does get full Uk licence will this reduce the insurance?

    its so confusing, ringing insurance people they dont even know, they want to process you like the internet can and there is no listing of what they cover and what they don't.

  • BE WARNED: Report every single non standard extra that is fitted to your bike. Bennetts insurance have made a big issue of this right down to the smallest of items.
  • OK, so I'm insured through Carole Nash this year.

    I've a couple of bikes so it was a little more complicated but was happy with the quote. I have a full 9 years NCD on my bikes.

    I also have a car with my wife as named driver, which is where the problem came -

    I went through the claim history and didn't tell them, because I didn't think it was relevant - that my wife had made a claim on my car insurance a couple of years ago, she pulled out and hadn't looked properly so it was her fault.

    They phoned me up a couple of weeks ago, they'd been through the insurance db and found that there had been a claim on my car insurance. I explained that it wasn't me driving, it was my wife but they said the claim had been made against a policy in my name so I had to pay an extra £50 (around 25%). I explained that my wife doesn't have a bike licence and she would not be riding my bikes (but might be a pillion) but that cut no ice.

    So, even though I was not involved in the accident, my wife will not be riding the vehicle I have to pay a higher insurance premium.

    You can guess what I think to insurance companies and I would love to know their reasoning...
  • forgotmynameforgotmyname Forumite
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    Their reasoning, You have made a claim on your policy. You didnt declare it.

    Is the £50 an admin fee, How much of that is the admin fee?
    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

  • The person I spoke to didn't mention any admin fee.

    I appreciate there had been a claim on one of my policies; however by that reasoning my bike insurance should go up if I need to claim on my house insurance because the dog caused a flood.

    Insurance policy costs are meant to be based on risk, of the vehicle and of the parties insured. I fail to see how a claim by my wife (albeit on my car insurance) is going to make me more of a risk?
  • Guys, I've just been faced with an anomaly that hasn't been raised>

    I've been turned down for renewal by a broker (Premium Choice) after 6 years with them on the same bike ( Harley Glide). I've had no claims on my bike policy in over 30 years of riding and I had a very good deal with full no claims, protected, breakdown etc etc for £120.

    I've had to work away from home for a bit so my bike missed it's MOT last year, in fact it has been SORNed since October 2010, but is living in its cocoon, warm garage awaiting the spring and my return to service, fettle and ride to the pre arranged MOT appointment 25 miles away ( Scottish Highlands).
    But now I cant... because the underwriters wont cover me!
    It's perfectly legal to do the above on SORN as long as you have insurance, I have always paid full whack even when the bike was off road through the two worst winters I can remember in 50 years ( 2009 and 2010).
    So what is going on? The Broker tells me that the rules have changed this year! Why?
    My problem was being too honest, I told them the MOT had lapsed and explained why.
    They suggested I hire a trailer to take it for MOT ( so what insurance cover me when it fall off trailer en route) they are surely having a laugh!
    I'm no going to repeat the conversations I had with them over the weeks leading to my expiry, they do not want my business and even as brokers they cant or wont find me a deal.
    The MOT subject has the same result with several other brokers I have tried.
    What happens to the guys that have a collection of bikes? only perhaps using one or the other.
    What about other guys like myself that work away?
    Surely I'm not the only one to be caught out this way?
    Help suggestions please?
  • Sally_ASally_A Forumite
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    The rules have not changed, you are entitled to take a vehicle to the nearest MOT station without tax (however you do need insurance), so they are putting you in a Catch 22 situation.

    If they won't budge, ask the bike garage to collect it.

  • Catch 22 is right...I explained it to them in detail, over several days, 2 supervisors and 3 " advisors".
    Lack of Bike Garages with MOT facilities and transport in the Highlands. Most didn't have enough work to pay for the equipment needed in the last MOT upgrade. Normal garages with Bike MOT facilities usually don't have specialist transport and this is a heavy expensive bike. I would have driven it up a foot wide ramp at 35 but not now!
    Quotes for transport is now higher than two years Insurance!
  • Are you able to set up a new policy online? I don't remember from last time I did a comparison site if it asked about MOT?
  • I recently had my bike insurance renewal notice through the post. Much the same price as last year, but thought hey, it should have maybe come down a bit,an extra years no claims,etc. Someone phoned me from Carol Nash remindng me it was up for renewal. I asked if they had checked for a cheaper policy. He replied yes,they did that automatically, but said I may be able to get a cheaper quote by doing it online with Carol Nash. I promptly went onto Carol Nash website for an online quote. Put in all the same details as previous policies,etc........I was then given a quote, a quote which offered me a policy with the exact same insurance company, the exact same policy they had quoted me for through the post for an ASTOUNDING 33% less than what I had been quoted through the post!!!!! I wont go into my personal figures, but I've saved a small fortune, 33%, simply by going to the insurance brokers website and getting a quote online, as I say, for the exact same policy with the same company!...33% less!!!!! That's a huge difference!
    Moral of the story, when your bike insurance is up for renewal, don't just take that renewal price as gospel,go to the companies website and get a quote yourself. If my experience is anything to go off, chances are you will save a large amount of money.
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