Wii's Spotted or Wanted. Please post all availability for the Wii here - Part 2



  • mrnkar
    mrnkar Posts: 416 Forumite
    Sort of suggested that but my kids, well not really kids, teenager and above didn't think they wanted to do that,
  • Post it to Belfast....& then post it back?

    I think you're stuck with waiting.
  • mrnkar
    mrnkar Posts: 416 Forumite
    Thanks Sparky, wouldn't call that Moneysaving:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
  • mrnkar
    mrnkar Posts: 416 Forumite
    Thought of something else, take the games with me and tell them on CD console is waiting for them when they get home:j:j:j
  • Sssssss
    Sssssss Posts: 1,094 Forumite
    mrnkar wrote: »
    Sort of suggested that but my kids, well not really kids, teenager and above didn't think they wanted to do that,

    have xmas early, just start playing with the wii, it won't be long before the kids join in ;)

    honestly it really is a cool family toy to have a laugh with, i've already got friends coming around tomorrow and the week after for a go, just need to think what we can do with the kids (maybe lock them in the garage :p )
  • mrnkar
    mrnkar Posts: 416 Forumite
    Thats what I would love to do but kids don't seem too keen. If only they knew it was a wii. I have told them I can't get one until after Christmas
  • isanda
    isanda Posts: 55 Forumite
    adrian2000 wrote: »
    Does anyone know which carrier Woolworths use to deliver their Nintendo Wii orders? Please advise as I have one that has been despatched.


    Mine came via Royal Mail if that is any help :)
  • hogshead
    hogshead Posts: 2,217 Forumite
    Only problem is with everyone on the wii, no crimbo tv..... haven't checked the listings so may not be missing anything special.
  • I ordered and paid for the Wii package from Woolies £294.96 (console + wii play + 2 games), following this thread you will no doubt know which. They have just confirmed that it is now in store. To be sure I also ordered one on-line which I have now received.
    I had intended to go in store, collect and then have it refunded to me so that it could be offered to the next person on the list, thinking this was the fairest way. I am very uncomfortable when things become something that only those with the fattest wallets are able to get.
    Flicking back to this post and realising how many people are still searching, my sympathies go out as I know how all consuming the search is.
    If anyone living in or near Preston, Lancashire would like me to pick it up and then collect from me please PM me. It goes without saying that I would only like reinbursing for the price it cost me and of course you would have my receipt dated 19th Nov (when I had to pay for it to reserve it). I exchanged the 2 two games for ones we wanted with no problem so unless their policy has changed over this week can't see why you would have problems.
    All I would ask is please don't contact me if you intend to sell it on for profit, just let some parent sort their kids xmas pressie and get off the computer search and back on with their lives, we all need a break sometimes. Don't think its likely that I would be contacted by e-bayers because it's not a bargain price but would be very disappointed if that were to happen.
    Also wanted to say, that its worth being on a Woolies list because I doubt I'm the only one who has got sorted since I ordered it so I am sure some others will pop up.
  • Has anyone actually recieved their wii from Argos yet?

    I ordered the £240 package at 8:40ish yesterday morning, got the message about being unable to confirm the order but then rang up and they confirmed they had the order and it would be delivered between 7 and 3 today (i paid extra for saturday delivery)

    So far today, nothing has come even though i've been sure to stay in all day. Currently on the phone to Argos CS but have spent 45 mins so far listening to their hold music over and over and over...

    Anyone else from here recieved one or had any problems?

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