The DFW "Celebrate Christmas for free in 2008" Challenge



  • ~evanesco~
    Right, I think i've decided...

    Count me in, and if I forget to go through cashback sites again for things like my £240 tumble dryer, which could have gotten me 3% cashback, can you all give me a virtual kick. I'm awful for it!

    So, of a-clicking I will go (just remeber I haven't been on pigcback for a week or so)

    I just remebered, this year for DD I saved the voucers out of the Mail and the Mirror for some DVD's and audio CD's and sent off for them, think it cost at total of £15.98 for about 24 dvd's and cd's, does that count?
  • benbenandme
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    Who do you mystery shop for - I'd love reporting on the generally bad service we seem to recive in shops?

    Hi, sorry only just saw the question :o ... I mainly use retaileyes and tns. Sometimes I use grassroots and assosia. I give gapbuster a miss except for petrol assignments or a certain toy shop assignments, as generally their pay is rubbish ;) Details of all of them are on the mystery shopping thread on the up your income board. It is worth checking sites at various times of the day if you can as new jobs get posted at random times and they do go quickly. If I can I tend to get something for my pressie box but if its a shop where I can't think of anything suitable then sometimes I will return the item and get a voucher for it and put that in my pressie box instead or if its a supermarket and I buy basics then I would put the equivalent money in the piggy ;):D Sometimes I stock up on things like batteries or sellotape or boring bits like that that still always cost money at christmas.
    TNS do pay mileage too which helps and they also sort out your tax for you whereas the others you have to do it yourself ;)
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  • chocaholic110
    Well done on the surveys hypno! Funnily enough I have been screened out out every one I've tried since setting up this board - typical!

    liloandstitch -that's a super amount of vouchers. All i realy doon pigsback are the 5p a day ones and the odd sign up if it doesn't pay better anywhere else but i've still had a good few £10 Boots vouchers.

    jo_b - that's super organised. I think I'm going to count mine slighty differently as I've joined so many places I don't know what I've got and where!! I think I'll count mine as a I receive them otherwise I'll drive myself crazy waiting to redeem something that's really close. I will have to check how many Boots / WH Smiths points etc I have though. Also I got the Tesco mother and baby pack through today - is it worth getting a clubcard if I only shop there occasionally?

    evanesco - I'm with you on the tumble dryer thing. i bought a £300 pram and forgot to go through Quidco at 8%. I'm still kicking myself now on a regular basis but if I do anything similar again you are all welcome to give me a kick as well.
    The DVD's and CD's definitely count. We got a Simpsons and football pack from The Sun, but just gave them to DS and DD. We're waiting on a High School Musical pack now, mainly because it includes HSM Top Trump cards and the whole pack cost less than it would to buy the cards. I think I'll add that to the front page if you don't mind.
  • always_amazed
    oh my goodness this is a great idea!!

    I'm going to subscribe to this thread and see what I can do with it all!
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  • tru
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    These are earned but not cashed yet
    It's Your View £2.00
    Boots Points £15.21
    Pure Profile £6.25
    You Gov £14.70
    One Poll £11.20
    Archerfish £2.14
    Liberty Cash £0.27

    These are cashed
    Lightspeed £1.00
    Pigsback me £10.00
    Pigsback mr tru £10.00
    Toluna 12005 points (not sure what this is in real money lol, I'll keep a £££ record when I cash them)

    £72.97 :j
  • sweetpea03
    hi to everyone just starting & good luck :hello: & really impressed with the starting totals that you all have posted :T I like this challenge more & more each day :D
    Just for the record here are my starting totals, all are not yet received but earned.

    quidco oct - 4.28, nov - 21.44, dec - 3.04 total = 28.76
    topcashback 0.16
    moneybackmadness 10.09
    freefivers 5.07
    rpoints 5.20
    myshoppingrewards 4.14
    ipoints 866
    pigsback me + dh 23.68

    total = 77.10:j+ the vouchers etc in my signature.
    really surprised as its the first time I've added it up!
  • MoneyGypsy

    I have posted this on a thread on the Xmas board as well but I wanted to share my progress at doing this Xmas almost free!

    I normally spend a fortune around Xmas time, but a large tax bill and reading this site inspired me to be a bit more imaginative. I started reading the Freebies board and then other boards and wondered how much stuff I could get for free (or at least really cheaply) for Xmas. I think I will join The DFW "Celebrate Christmas for free in 2008" Challenge but need to get this Xmas out of the way first!

    Also inspired by Gettin me own back's achievements for this Xmas (see

    Apologies in advance for the length of this post.

    So far I have for:


    Will make a basket from:

    1. Mini CK perfumes (free unwanted gift)
    2. Elizabeth Arden mascara (free sample - about 1/2 noraml size)
    3. Pantene Restoratives shampoo and conditioner (free sample but in 30ml bottles not sachets)
    4. Aussie Miracle Moist 3 min conditioner (free sample - sachet worth 99p)
    5. Olay moisturiser (free sample - in 7ml bottle not sachet)
    6. Virgin simcard with £5 airtime (free)
    7. £10 Boots voucher (free with Pigsback clicks)
    8. Avon stuff x 3 (got 10 items for £ 9 from their naturals range when it was on offer)

    Will also make:

    1. Jar containing muffin mix - done in layers with a fany recipe attached
    2. Flavoured vodka x 2 in a nice swingtop bottle
    3. Silver necklace or bracelet (discovered real silver in my jewlerry making kit - went nuts a couple of years ago on e-bay)


    For basket:

    1. Nature of Britain calender (free)
    2. Avon stuff x 3 (see above)
    3. Mini whiskey x 2 (found in house)
    4. Whiskas kitten pack for the cat (free)

    Will make:

    1. Muffin mix jar (as above)
    2. Homemade truffles (not sure how much the ingredients will cost)
    3. Jewellry with pearls found in kit


    1. Audrey Hepburn boxset (£9.99 HMV


    1. Flavoured vodka (see above)
    2. Hitchcock boxset (£15 HMV - haven't gotten this yet but hope it is still at this price instore when I go)
    3. CK Eternity (free - unwanted gift)
    4. Muffin Jar (as above)
    5. Muffin mix
    6. Homemade truffles

    OH's Niece (Age: 2 in Jan)

    1. Mr. Men boxset (£3.99 when I bought the AH boxset from HMV)
    2. Disney books x 5 (free from Grolier - sent 2 'inspection copies' back and get to keep other free)
    3. Books also came with a mini bookshelf thing
    4. Funkit boxes x2 - 1 clay making, 1 painting (£3.95 - there was a discount code posted on the discounts board for £5 off. The 2 boxes were on BOGOFF, then I added the discount and only paid P&P)
    5. Thinking of getting her a WWF polar bear pack (will probably dponate via £10 direct debit a month - would do this anyway so will do it as a gift for her)


    That's a secret in case he reads this, but I keep telling him it is amazing what you can get for two quid these days!

    Total so far including buying 5 kilner style jars from Ikea (£6.95) and 6 1/2L swingtop bottles from Wares of Knutsford (£16.99 inc P&P):

    £50.82 (although I will admit that I am getting OH's presents from a separate budget)

    Other ideas

    1. 6 Xmas cards (free samples) - will use those and everyone else is getting e-cards. I normally buy charity cards but this year following a tip from another MSE'er I will give the money i would normally spend directly to Oxfam.

    2. Wrapping paper - tips from this site which I will try:
    1. free sample of funky wallpaper from DIY shops
    2. cheap offcuts of fabric from a fabric shop
    3. tissue paper and cellophane for baskets from

    Any other ideas gratefully accepted!

    Lol. x
    :A :A :A :A
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  • Gemmzie
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    Someone really has to teach me how to get points out of Pigsback, it just doesn't seem to work for me
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  • ~evanesco~
    They've started another collection of dvd's in the Mail today, so I'll be collecting tokens for those and saving them for next Xmas, since I think DD has got more than enough to be watching for next year :)
  • irishwexford
    Count me in for this. I will be doing the sealed tin next year instead of the jam jar challange, will save into christmas savings account each month for pressies and also put savings from grocery challange into that. Will save all my Boots points until December and will add top up at Tesco. Should cover me for everything I think. We have decided to try and go abroad after Christmas next year so should be able to afford it. I do thrive on challanges.
    Didn't bother to go into town after last Christmas to buy cards and paper in sales but will be there this time around as have spend a small fortune on charity cards this year. Would rather buy nice cards half price elsewhere and just give charity a donation in December. We should have an allotment next year so will save on veggies and salads. ;) Also have decided to cycle everywhere I can and save on fuel as well as get healthy.
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