The DFW "Celebrate Christmas for free in 2008" Challenge



  • slowlyfading
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    Just had a payout from Quidco so I'm off the starting blocks!
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  • Postman just delivered a £10 Argos voucher from Valued Opinions so added that to my voucher envelope.
  • sweetpeas_2
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    is valued opinions same as mums opinions?? i am with them, but the surveys are so soooo rare that ive only done 2 since i joined about a year ago... and you cant get any £5 vouchers-theyre all £10 :(

    my toluna points are adding up though :D keep getting surveys off them... bring on the £12 HMV voucher!!!

  • Sea78
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    Valued Opinons is the same company as mum's opinions - make sure you check your profile etc on the site as I've got quite a few vouchers from both companies.
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  • lunar
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    does anyone have a link to the daily clicks they normally do, i think im signed up to all the sites but only do clicks on pigsback, never really found the others!

    sorry if its a stupid question but i want to make the most out of these vouchers for next christmas.


  • Hi Lunar, to get a list of the daily clicks you can do you can pm eagerlearner with your email & they will send you a fantastic list to follow with lots of sites I'd never heard of too & lots of great tips :)
    They kindly sent it to me yesterday & it is great. I am going to try & make most of my free christmas cash by clicking away each day! Good luck with your clicking!
  • hypno06
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    Hi guys, my baby steps continue! I have done another lightspeed survey and have spent ages filling in profiles for steps, but over the course of the year I am sure they will add up to quite a bit!

    I am quite excited about the prospect of achieving this - I have just realised that I have more or less achieved it already this year, thanks to MSE, so think what I can achieve for 2008 with even more focus!!

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  • Id like to join this as well if you will have me - I have 4 step children + 2 grandchildren (step) and one of my own + various hangers on and such like - so Christmas is very expensive in the Liloandstitch household - and baby stitch gets more expensive every year. I have done really well on pigsback this year (about 150 in vouchers) and have done some surveys, and this has made life this year a bit easier but to get it nearer to free would be FAB. For something which happens every year at the same time, I seem to be totally unprepared every time!!!!!!
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  • Sea78
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    WOW! Liloandstitch - that's a great amount in Pigsback vouchers:) How much do you reckon you spend at Christmas? I'm making a note to see how much I spend this year, so that I can actually budget real figures, not wishful figures lol
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  • jo_b_2
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    Ii'm going to start off from where I am now, as it will get confusing otherwise! :o

    I've gone back into my accounts to see where they stand:

    Current totals:

    Pigsback £3.14
    Opinion Bar £2.40
    Pureprofile £17.95
    Global Test Market 620 points (approx £12.40)
    Mutualpoints 455 points (approx £3) (*There is an affiliate sign-up link available which makes funds for MSE: Please use this link to sign up as it helps to give something back to this site too!*)
    Topcashback £4.05
    Nectar 334 points (approx £1.67)
    Ciao £4.92
    Boots Advantage Points £46.57
    Moneybackmadness £14.07
    You Gov £12.50

    I'm not going to include Quidco as that money is already earmarked as part of our main income, especially as I'm on materrnity leave until June! :o
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