• Bit lost with this
    Why are onecom able to issue a contract with no cooling off period. This was only said when they were doing the recorded bit why are they exempt from the normal 14 day cooling off period. This was for a mobile phone contract 

    Hoping Vodafone still read and monitor this, I am another miss-sold by onecom.  In a nutshell offered an £18 monthly contract for two lines and issued 2 free mifi devices.  Only to find at first months billing that I didn't actually pay £18 to onecom, I actually had to pay nearly £200 a month to Vodafone and received a £150 payment from onecom. Sounds weird? and nowhere near £18 a month, yes you're totally correct, more like £50 a month.  So can I cancel? nope got told be prepared for baliffs at your door or pay us nearly £7000 to cancel your contract. Total swindlers !!!
  • Hi I know this is a pretty old thread, but I'm hoping someone may still offer some advice!
    I STUPIDLY answered a call back in April this year from Onecom and I honestly wish I hadn't. 
    The claimed  that they could offer me a contract for £30 I think it was. She said plus VAT, but that doesn't mean anything to me, as I'm not a VAT registered business, I just a little one woman band. She said they'd pay off my existing contract, as I wasn't out of contract yet.
    Not ONCE did they tell me it was will VODAFONE, had she said that I wouldn't of taken it. I assumed as my exist contract was with O2 that it was related to that. 
    She said there was a Free entertainment offer, which I was never able to get to work! Some free device to have calls with landline numbers, which I said I didn't want or need, she said it's free! It most certainly isn't!!!!! I recently had new business cards/artwork, etc so I wasn't able to add it on anyway. 
    I was told that there wasn't a "cooling off period" which I thought was odd, but seemed stuck now. When I got the first bills I was in shock as it's £99.67!!! How in the hell is that £30 odd plus vat?!?!?! If I go onto Vodafone bill it says £57.47 I think. Now I'm !!!!!! at maths, but even with 20% vat that's not £99.67. ONECOM give me £46 towards the bill, but £46 off of £99.67 is £53.67. So that still doesn't explain why it says £57.47 on Vodafone. And it is STILL way more that I've ever paid for a phone contract! 
    It not like they have given me a phone with bells and whistle, it's only a poxy Galaxy A32 5G, which she tried to say was new. But in O2 store at the time, this phone was on a £25 contract!
    In the beginning I called them a few times, saying I can't afford that amount, I didn't want it, etc and every time they nothing you can do about! Its upset me and !!!!!! me off in equal amounts!! Today I was having another look as to how I can get out of it, looking at their cancelation and what do I find. That THERE IS a 14 day right to cancel!!! They said they wasn't. How the F**k is that allowed??? So I guess what I looking at is how can I now use this to get out of my contract, coz basically they LIED!! Please some say I can do something???


    A very devious, corrupt company who take joy in miss-selling customers. Be very careful checking your contract with OneCom, I verbally signed up to an £18 a month contract (cheaper than my previous deal). After a month my first bill arrived at nearly £200 !!! I called to cancel and was quoted a fee of about £5000+ to get out of my contract as there was no cooling off period. After 2 months the telecoms governing body CISAS instructed OneCom to cancel my contract, refund me and send me a letter of apology. Google the words OneCom and SCAM or FRAUD and get a true picture of this company. My advice would be run for the hills and don't even entertain a conversation with them or it'll cost you x10 what you're expecting.

    If you have had the misfortune of dealing with these scammers get in touch with their governing body CISAS asap for help in fighting them.  Someone needs to put this bunch of cowboys out of business !!!

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