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PCN, DCBL and... devilish idea!

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edited 15 January 2020 at 3:00AM in Parking Tickets, Fines & Parking
Hi guys and gals! As I'm a newbie here, I was surprised that I found a thread addressed directly to me :T I have read it all so I could put myself on the right tracks now. Thank you for that!

To make long story short: got a PCN, appealed to PPC, rejected, appealed to IAS, dismissed, (nothing for about 2 months), got NoDR from DCBL, found this forum, ignored NoDR. Now awaiting another NoDR or maybe LBC?

- PCN provided reason: no ticket
- PCN true reason: ticket flipped over, most likely when closing the door
- Ticket has a unique number printed on both sides, it was clearly visible and readable on evidence photos provided by PPC.

I simply believe that they try to clean my pocket of nearly £200 with no reason and thought to fight with them in my own way (I'm not a native Briton so please forgive me my logic). Thus I came up with some devilish idea...

PPC has told me when rejected my appeal that I did not comply wit their rules about clearly displaying the ticket. They stated that it is a private property, they set the rules which were clearly visible around and I should strictly comply with it - otherwise they have right to claim money off me. So I thought to myself...

... what if you put the big sign inside my car (private property) stating that "by taking the photo, movie or any other kind of visual recording of this car you agree to pay £200 for its owner per every single photo/video/other record taken" (private property rules), visible through windscreen (displayed and readable from outside)? Should PPC strictly comply with these rules taking the evidence photos of the "no ticket", despite the fact that the car is parked on their land? Is there any prohibition in British law for placing such signs behind windscreens?

So many questions, but so little answers when you are a bear of very little brain... :A


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