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  • tomsticklandtomstickland Forumite
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    In Gloucester and Cheltenham then Waitros have the lowest price regular unleaded, at 103.9p/Litre, compared with the most expensive at 10.9p/L.
    So it's 6p/Litre, which is £2.40 on a 40L fill. Quite significant if happen to passing near the cheapest station anyway.
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  • I have been using for ages and decided that as Tesco was nearly always cheapest I'd buy my fuel there. Then I worked out my fuel consumption, (approx £30 p/week) got a clubcard plus card so I double my points and pay for the fuel that way. So now I get 8 points for £1. Then I collect all my clubcard vouchers together and use the deals thing to pay for the car to be MOT'd and serviced at Nationwide Autocentre and pick up cc points there too. Its saved me an absolute packet, without changing my habits and been really easy to do. Last month I had an MOT, full service and the brakes repaired and it cost me £55! Dont know if it would help anyone else.

    Im thinking of maxing my cc points even more by getting the cc credit card so I can earn points on my shopping elsewhere too!
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  • LimaLima Forumite
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    This is a handy website that you can use to find the cheapest unleaded, diesel etc.... in your area by postcode:
  • fzbucksfzbucks Forumite
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    In my experience coasting results in poorer performance of the brakes when having to brake hard and a substantial increase in skidding.

    When I first passed my test I used to coast a lot until I had a bump due to skidding whilst coasting. The car goes into a skid because the wheels lock up when the brakes are applied and the engine is disengaged so does not push the wheels.

    This was in a pre ABS car but even the ABS effect is reduced if the engine is disengaged.
  • HappychappyHappychappy Forumite
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    The site may be good but you need to give inside leg measurement, grannies middle name etc, just to view prices, didnt bother, but thanks for the post.
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    With the rate that prices are changing, the site is out of date most of the time.
  • I have found new cars by Think - which are electric, available now with a good mileage range

    Can anyone tell me how the carbon dioxide produced by a power station to provide the electricity to power a car compares with the carbon dioxide produced by a petrol driven car covering the same mileage - say 100 miles ?

    i.e. is it an absolute waste of time buying an electric car in order to cut omissions ?:T
  • LosEndos wrote: »
    Thanks for the checking - I thought it was wrong. Sorry I made it hard by not putting the link in. I thought about it after I posted, but then never got around to it.

    So In summary, 'save money on petrol' article is numerically wrong and presents a better case than it really is.

    Still worth doing - but not going to give the rewards published.
    I don't know if helps, but I put together a little website that does some of those calculations for you:
    It is a bit basic at the moment, but I have plans to improve it over the next few weeks (day job permitting!).
    Feedback/suggestions welcomed. ;)

    [As I mentioned above the url I posted is my site. I hope that doesn't constitute spamming. Please remove it if it does.]
  • g_parryg_parry Forumite
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    I used the website for local prices but it always came back with the local superstore - searching is not so easy when travelling so I now use a satnav POI file that contains every Tesco Extra, ASDA and Sainsbury filling station. Saves me a fortune in that I no longer use the motorway service stations, and most of these places do food and cheaper coffee too!The file is suitable for TomTom but contains links to convert the file for other Satnav systems. The file is being sold on ebay for £1.99 + postage but it can be found for free at
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