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    I've noticed recently that prices differ quite a bit in different towns. At the moment I fill up when I visit Bristol on Thursday nights because it's 97-98p per litre there whilst it's 101-102p per litre in the area where I live.
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  • Thanks for the article.

    Petrol is an absolute rip off, about time something was done about it by the government rather than fleecing motorists.
  • I drive daily from Chester to Manchester. Leaving Chester, the Shell on the A41 has amongst the cheapest around Chester (equal to the Sainsburys Caldy Valley) and on the way into Manchester, if you can put up with the Princess Parkway, there is another Shell garage on the dual carriageway into Manchester (past Chorlton cemetary and the lights, on the left hand side if you keep going into the city centre) which has by far the cheapest petrol prices I've seen in the NorthWest.
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  • The days when the world was awash with cheap oil are over; a point has been reached where demand for fossil fuel exceeds crude oil available for extraction. China and India are sucking in world supplies ...and why shouldn't emerging nations enjoy benefit from industrialisation too?
    But a major crisis could easily interupt oil supplies [a US invasion of Iran!]

    The biggest fuel user is the armed services, their supplies would be maintained; the emergency services would also need fuel. Motorists are non-essential users and there is a simple mechanism available to divert fuel to essential services and keep the rest of us off the road ...prohibitive fuel prices.

    Brace yourself and ask how much fuel will need to rise, to get you out of the car? I try to use public transport and do a low mileage, I will junk my car at around £10 a litre.
  • Also everyone should make the most of the Tesco price matching promise (which I heard of via mse:money: long ago and which, surprise, surprise, Tesco don't broadcast too loudly) ...
    if you can find fuel cheaper within 3 miles they will refund double the difference. Just tell the person at the cash desk - if they look confused, as the younger ones will do, tell them there's a full page set of instructions in their duty book telling them how to key in the refund on the till.
    As a driving instructor I use a fair bit of fuel, and I've used this twice in the past two weeks with a full tank of diesel AND while using a 5p off per litre voucher - our local Sainsbury's has a habit of putting its prices up a day later than the local Tesco. Once it was 1p difference = 2p refund = 80p, and once 2p difference. :j Just keep eyes on other prices nearby and time it right.
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    alanm wrote: »
    Also everyone should make the most of the Tesco price matching promise (which I heard of via mse:money: long ago and which, surprise, surprise, Tesco don't broadcast too loudly)

    Only way I see to take advantage of this is to go to and look for the cheapest petrol near Tesco, then buy petrol at tesco and get the refund there and then. Driving back to Tesco would negate the value of the refund unless you were going anyway. Seems like too much messing about to me for what chances are won't be anymore than £1.

    If only we could get loads of Jerry cans cheap and stock up...
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    The last 3 times I've been to get petrol based on the prices shown on that website, I find that the prices at the pumps have changed, and invariably it is then cheaper somewhere else. (In the last couple of weeks, I have particularly noticed Diesel prices at some places changing on a daily basis, making it impossible for the website to keep up to date!) I have given up using the website now - I just keep my eyes open as I drive around, and stop when I think it's a good price.

    One thing that really hacks me off is Tesco offering 5p per litre off petrol if you spend more than £50 in-store. This is fine for families with that sort of spend on groceries each week, but pensioners or single people like myself are NEVER going to spend £50 on groceries in one go, so never qualify for this discount!! I strongly feel that us smaller users are being discriminated against. After all, it is the small people like me paying full price for the petrol which gives Tesco the scope to give the 5p per litre discount to people spending over £50 in-store! Why can't they give everyone 1p per litre off (or, if they want to restrict it just to loyal Tesco Shoppers, only issue coupons to customers who use a Tesco Clubcard at the checkouts). That would be much fairer.
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    Ived used the site a few times, and without fail the chepest station in my area is always displaying "no fuel" signs.

    very irritating...
  • If you are prepared to use Shell all the time get a "citi"
    Mastercard . Application form from Shell Stations or on line.
    For the first 60 days after getting your card you will get 6% off all fuel fillups which at the moment is around 6p and also for the 60 days 2% off everything you use it for in the high street. After the 60 days it reverts to 3% and 1% respectively. Still better than the ADSA Card deal (2p) I have been using for my 25000 Miles per year.
  • I wish it was just under £1 in my area. Today most stations are 1.05/1.06 ltr. One local station is 1.11 ltr.
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