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Cheapest Petrol & Diesel Discussion Area

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  • moggylovermoggylover Forumite
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    Not sure why there is so much fuss about the petrol prices going up to £5.00 a gallon! We have been paying £1.19.9 per LITRE for diesel for ages - and today it was up to 122.9!! Plus it is miles to go to all but one garage around here - so apart from getting some from Tesco when I do the shopping trip once a week (which might have to become once a fortnight before long if the diesel keeps going up) if one needs to top up locally you are totally stuck with that price. Otherwise you would waste more going looking for the cheapest than you would save on finding it! About 4p per litre cheaper if we go to Swansea though - but that is 40 odd miles away! The regional differences REALLY p*** me off. Went to Slough recently and it was 5p per litre cheaper there. We really cannot do without cars around here - cos you cannot get to anything, and yet our fuel costs more: and the wages are totally dreadful as well.

    Is living in the countryside priceless? I wish! Would I move here if I knew 18 years ago what I know now? NO!
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  • CarehCareh Forumite
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    Hi, first off I must confess i haven't read all the replies in this thread, so apologies if this is a double post.
    In the article written it says "Fill up at night, but don’t overfill. Petrol pumps are calibrated by volume, so fill up at night when it’s cold and you get a miniscule bit extra. This is also a reason not to overfill the car after the nozzle clunks, as any excess may go out of the overflow and be wasted."

    Excuse me being a car novice, but do cars have overflow things for petrol? I always ram my car as full as I can manage because I get tired of filling up so often - I'm not losing loads down some pipe am I? haha!

    If someone could elaborate upon this query it would be much appreciated!

  • Tojo_RalphTojo_Ralph Forumite
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    Careh wrote: »
    Excuse me being a car novice, but do cars have overflow things for petrol? :confused:

    I cannot state it as fact, but I think the answer to that one is no. :)

    Have you ever removed your petrol cap, particularly on a hot day, when you haven't got much fuel in the tank and heard the air rush in, which implies a build up of pressure. :)
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  • tenbagstenbags Forumite
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    :jsave yourself up to 20p per trip to the petrol station:j.

    Ever went to put £10 in and went over to say 1£10.02 when filling up? well petrol stations usually let you off that extra pence if you go over. I have found you can push this to a reasonable 5p at any of the major stations with no quibble whatsoever.

    If you put say 40 in your car break this down to 4 different petrol stations and put £5 + 5p at each saying you only have a £5pound note and apologise, they always let you a total saving of 20p.

    Is it stealing or just a dishonest mistake?

  • MrHelpfulMrHelpful Forumite
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    I think its called being a "tight !!!!"
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  • gwhichgwhich Forumite
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    Further to Martin's discussions with Jeremy Vine, it's not the price per litre that's important but the price per mile. I switched from supermarket petrol to a known brand and achieved 10% better fuel consumption. I then changed to the premium fuel from Shell and BP and achieved a further 5% improvement.

    This translates as saving about 16p per litre which more than compensates for the increased price without taking account of reduced engine wear and emissions
    George :beer:.
  • govsearchgovsearch Forumite
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    I downloaded the satnav file advertised here - brilliant!! No more relying on motorway services aalthough I do stop at them to set the satnav to find the nearest cheap petrol;) (And Tesco cafe's are not bad either)
  • peugeot_2peugeot_2 Forumite
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    Just filled up at tescos they putting another 3p / litre on as i watched after filling up

    SO be warned !!!!
  • looferloofer Forumite
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    Richardp wrote: »
    I don't know if helps, but I put together a little website that does some of those calculations for you:
    It is a bit basic at the moment, but I have plans to improve it over the next few weeks (day job permitting!).
    Feedback/suggestions welcomed. ;)

    [As I mentioned above the url I posted is my site. I hope that doesn't constitute spamming. Please remove it if it does.]
    Excellent site...
  • looferloofer Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    I have been using for ages and decided that as Tesco was nearly always cheapest I'd buy my fuel there. Then I worked out my fuel consumption, (approx £30 p/week) got a clubcard plus card so I double my points and pay for the fuel that way. So now I get 8 points for £1. Then I collect all my clubcard vouchers together and use the deals thing to pay for the car to be MOT'd and serviced at Nationwide Autocentre and pick up cc points there too. Its saved me an absolute packet, without changing my habits and been really easy to do. Last month I had an MOT, full service and the brakes repaired and it cost me £55! Dont know if it would help anyone else.

    Im thinking of maxing my cc points even more by getting the cc credit card so I can earn points on my shopping elsewhere too!
    Anybody else aware of this Clubcard Plus??
    I've got Clubcard Credit card but you only get an extra 1 point for every £4 spent on the card.

    so spend -
    £4 at Tescos and you 5 points
    £4 elsewhere and get just 1 point.

    The only thing I could infer is if you had the normal clubcard in addition to the CC Credit card in which case you would but fuel (or other items) at tesco til, hand over your clubcard, get the points. Then when requested your payment, they don't even need to see the type of card you have, you just pop it into the pin reader and make the payment. Hopefully you will get points on that account too?

    A little off topic I know :o
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