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2019 - A Clutter Free Life

edited 5 July 2019 at 9:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • I tidied a corner of our bedroom today which had lots of bottles of this and that, washbags that came in gift sets, broken bits of jewelry etc. I binned anything unusable (I'm never going to fix the broken stuff, it's not happened in several years, it's not happening now) and put a few more bits in the charity bags. This of course showed me how dusty that corner had become so some cleaning resulted bit I feel a real sense of achievement. 😀
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    Finally have something to add to the conversation :rotfl:. Decluttered 8 assorted (and mostly chipped/cracked) mis-matching plates out of my crockery cupboards. We needed some new ones so treated ourselves to some new plates at Christmas and I've been meaning to go through them for ages....everything now fits in my cupboards!! :D

    Also threw out 2 bags of rubbish that hubby had been hoarding under the dining table from his dismantling his motorbike. Kitchen is a lot tidier now - and I managed to clean the fronts of all my cupboards and the top of my cooker hood, and mopped the floors and baseboards.....housepride does not come naturally to me normally but I think it's because the sun is out! :o
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    Well done, Ginmonster, think we've all got corners like yours, some more than others!

    What always amazes me is that you can anguish about things for days (or months/years!), and when it comes to it you only take a couple of hours or so to get it all sorted out. Every time this happens to me, I try to use that as an anti-procrastination tool, thinking how much worrying time I could have saved, but it doesn't seem to help with the next "messy corner".
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    DD is at Grandma's for a few hours so I had planned an afternoon of relaxing when OH came home sick! Couldn't relax so started on the last 2 kitchen drawers.

    We had 12 Allan keys just in a kitchen drawer! Haven't begun the DIY cupboard yet but we must have at least 5 in there.

    Anyway, SO much rubbish chucked out and we now have an almost empty drawer. Everything else is organised.

    So just 2 cupboards left to do in the kitchen and then it's done!

    The bad news is OH might not be well enough to take everything to the tip/CS and I really wanted to clear the conservatory.

    Mrs SD - we don't have a shredder so will have to borrow OH's parents'! Need to just take the confidential stuff and just tear up the rest.

    Green Queen - yep definitely! I thought the kitchen would take weeks to conquer and actually I've only done 4 sessions so far (1-3hrs each) and it's almost done.
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    aimeemum wrote: »
    Re: the uniform, does your son have any friends with younger siblings/cousins? They might be grateful of the extra uniform, even if it's just stashed for a couple of years until it fits. Especially if it's logo'd - that's horrendously expensive!

    That's a good idea. I'll get him to ask. Sadly the uniform has changed so it might not be stuff they are no longer allowed to wear by the time it fits. It's annoying as it was all very expensive (£60 for a blazer). :mad: But he might have a friend who will grow into it as he's big for his age and they can wear it :D
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    :p"Declutterbug Dramas" :p

    1. I can now see diagonally across my entire flat. :D
    The dust and fur statically stuck all over the plastic secondary glazing looks dreadful from that angle. :mad:

    2. My new deep cleaning gadget was delivered in time for 'window cleaning weekend'. :D
    I am almost out of sugar soap (v. v. rare). So are four local discount stores. :mad:

    3. Treated myself to a huge floor lamp for my newly cleared 'room of doom' and adjacent living area. :D
    Finally found reasonably priced dimmable bulbs for the wall lights in the same two rooms. :mad:

    4. Five large cardboard boxes are empty. :D
    The communal paper and card recycling bin is full to the brim. :mad:

    Please everyone share your :p"Declutterbug Dramas"! :pLurkers that means you too!
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    Wow, a few days off and I have four pages to read.

    Hermia: My books were definitely my escape abd barrier against a load of carp though the whole of childhood until I left home. Later on it was to give myself space from people needing me. It felt odd to have empty bookshelves but now they are gone I don't feel so bad. I found a place for more books to go to today. Mt T has a shelf that people can buy off for donations for charity.:T

    MR SD: Thankyou for the birthday wishes and virtual cake. Much better than the one I had and slimming too :j

    Well done on your cubby clearing. It looks like there is only one to go. What an achievement.
    I found your facts on squirrels very interesting. I went round Hardwick Hall last week and a bold wee squirrel follwed me for some time. I let it sniff my food bag. Once sniffed it turned it's nose up and scampered away.

    This week has seen me pack up a load of shelves full of books and clutter as someone was coming to tell us if we could fit a multi fuel stove into out house. That stuff and clutter from elsewhere is slowly gravitating to DD bedroom and will get sorted bit by bit. The rest of the house is coming together slowly although I am dreading the sideboard in the dining room; due next.

    Out of the house today went a bag of cutlery. I have put it in the works cutlery box,
    This weekend I am helping Son No2 pack his stuff to move out and hopefully get rid of some of it. Heis in my sewing and craft room so I can reclaim it back, Yay, and sort it.:T
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  • 392-399: 8 items sold, 60 euros in the travel pot

    listed my 50 items today, very happy with that. I had a quote today for shipping the Busy Bus to South America or to the USA. It is 4000 euros for the bus, and 2000 euros for a Passenger to Montevido, a 4 weeks travel. To Baltimore, it is 4000 euros for the bus, 1250 euros for a Passenger , and 2 weeks and a half travel. So, it will be Baltimore.
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    Barny1979 wrote: »
    167-168. Two old pairs of boxers to the bin
    169. Old t-shirt to bin as had holes in
    170. Pair of trainers to charity
    171. Papers into recycling
    172. Box into recycling
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  • amycoolamycool Forumite
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    Decluttering delegation!

    Got OH to do the last 2 kitchen cupboards as they were mostly spices only he cooks with. I did tweak it a bit after!

    Had to bin about £20 worth of very out of date spices, some unopened! I told OH that this is a useful lesson so he stops before buying more. We have 6 boxes of stock cubes!!

    It feels nice to have the kitchen totally done. I took photos to remind me just in case it doesn't stay that way. :)
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