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2019 - A Clutter Free Life

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2019 - A Clutter Free Life

edited 5 July 2019 at 9:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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edited 5 July 2019 at 9:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
To use Guineapigsqueaks/Sa1sysoo words “A new thread for declutterbugs in [STRIKE]2015 2016 2017 2018 [/STRIKE] 2019!"

I made a fairly good start in 2018 but 2019 is THE YEAR that I finally get to grips with a full declutter - I would like to have NO rooms/cupboards/drawers of Doom & I would like to have a revamped bathroom & fully decorated house :D My DH is going to be very busy :rotfl:

Plenty of options available on numbering the clutter out :D

2019 in 2019 or 52 in 52 weeks even 365 in 365 days & if you are feeling really adventurous a la basketcase - you can weigh the clutter out :D:D

Whichever you choose or you may choose not to number, we would love to hear both your success stories & your ways/methods of decluttering - they may not have worked for you but they may work for someone else :D

I am hoping that everyone who posted on the 2018 thread will also post on the 2019 thread :D

:D Welcome one and all and happy decluttering! :D


P.S. Hope this works as it is my very first attempt at starting a Thread :D
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  • GuineapigsqueaksGuineapigsqueaks Forumite
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    I'm in please, thank you Mrs Salad Dodger. I'm relatively clutter-free, but one can't take one's eye off the ball!
    Guineapigsqueaks x

    Keep Smiling :)
  • PipneyJanePipneyJane Forumite
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    Can I join? I haven’t a clue how I will do - or whether I will do anything more than think about it - but I would like to commit to 52 items in 52 weeks and 10 minutes a day to cleaning.

    - Pip
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  • abbe89abbe89 Forumite
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    I'm in again this year! I stopped counting in 2018 but I reckon I got up to about 400.

    I'll be aiming for 2019 in 2019 - go big or go home haha!
  • Well I am moving soon and the goal is to ditch the clutter here and as we unpack if there is more home for it
    It will be sokd gifted composted or recycled in some way

    Good luck all I will join this thread properly as I start to unpack
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  • IrishRose12IrishRose12 Forumite
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    I haven't been logged on here since the middle of November, but still decluttered away.
    I've set myself a personal challenge this year of decluttering a bag a day, be it a small bag or a black bag.
    I seem to work better doing a bag a day declutter as I always find things to put in it and it motivates me to fill one lol.
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  • My aim is to clear out the garage but Mr X insists there is nothing to clear. He will get a shock soon when I have thrown a lot of what's in there into skip. However, been meaning to do this for a couple of years so shall see.
  • sillyvixensillyvixen Forumite
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    Christmas has shown me i really need to declutter, Christmas eve saw me shoving stuff into boxes to,stick in the wardrobe, under the stairs and in the cupboard in the spare room .. lots of the stuff I don't need but had no outlet to get rid of so close to Christmas. So in the next few weeks I have boxes to sort!! I also have a cupboard full of mugs we don't use .. as it was pointed out to me, by a locum, the mugs at work are all chipped and cracked (not noticed as my mug is kept in my locker) so a load of mixed mugs going to work to replace the cracked mugs at work.
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Hello, and welcome :D

    Pleased to ‘see’ old & new faces & already a variety of reasons :T We can spur each other on :D

    PipneyJane, just to set you off - my favourite mantra “Leave a room tidier than when you went in” - could be something as simple as making the bed before leaving the bedroom, wiping round the sink & hanging/folding a towel before you leave the bathroom.

    Very excited to see how we all do :rotfl:

  • aliwalialiwali Forumite
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    I really need to do this! I like the idea of a bag a day and tidying for 10 minutes a day, so will start with that. My 8 year old DD puts me to shame, she’s so good at tidying. Must have her dad’s genes.
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  • GreenQueenGreenQueen Forumite
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    I'll try for 2019 in 2019 - works out about 40 items a week. Not sure that I'll manage it, but gives me something to aim for and there are a couple of big areas that should be able to boost the total significantly!

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