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2019 - A Clutter Free Life

edited 5 July 2019 at 9:05AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • I'd like to join you, please? I have sat paralysed for the last two years overwhelmed with life. I really need to declutter my small bedroom, it is rammed with rubbish. Each time I go up there I get so overwhelmed and just shut the door. I really think it will help me to clear my mind and get me motivated for life again. I don't have a strategy yet, but am hoping to get some tips from you all to get me started. Happy New Year everybody.
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  • Ellie79Ellie79 Forumite
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    Hi all, I am quietly sneaking in rather than lurking. This year will be the year I actually get control of my house again. I have just finished a really long period of study and my house has been sorely neglected and we are bursting out the seams! So I want to make getting on top of the mess one of the priorities, along with various other life changes. It is a more general mess than one room of clutter, we don't have a spare room or that would be my office and I could live with the clutter there! I am trying to start with the kids' room. This may be a monumental task...
  • Me too, please. Need a big declutter but OH is reluctant to send anything on its way.

    I’m aiming for a bag a week to get rid of (mainly charity shop, selling sites or recycling).
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    FlugelhornFlugelhorn Forumite
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    Time for me to join in - managed to clear late mother's bungalow last year and most went to charity shop / house clearance but rather too much crept into our second reception room. .. Also managed to clear airing cupboard and rationalised my wardrobe

    However - there are also other parts of the house that need serious sorting - my study (never clear) the basement utility room (ahem)

    Going to stick to those three and see how I get on - good to have some company
  • lessonlearnedlessonlearned Forumite
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    Me too please. Made a start on my bedroom yesterday. One black bin liner so far.

    This year is the big one.....I won't be doing numbers but I reckon I could lose 50 per cent of my stuff and not miss it. :rotfl:
  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    Joining! I'm moving into a new house in early 2019, so aiming for a fresh start. 2019 items in 2019!!!
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  • Sa1sysooSa1sysoo Forumite
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    I'd love to join you guys this year too.
    Last year wasn't as great as I hoped, but we can only take steps forwards, right?
    Thank you for starting the new thread MrsSD.
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  • Gem-gemGem-gem Forumite
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    I would like to join again. I did the challenge in 2017 and achieved the 2017 items by November. Last year I continued to declutter but just lurked.
    This year I am not sure if I will do the numbers yet, or whether I will just post what I have recycled to others/ charity shops, sold or binned.
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  • GuineapigsqueaksGuineapigsqueaks Forumite
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    Afternoon All
    Getting a head start on 2019. Post that came today dealt with immediately, junk mail straight in recycling, except my credit card bill (always a joy after Christmas) paid online and filed away. Emptied bins and wheelie bin out for collection tomorrow. Everyone happy with gifts bought for them, so receipts all thrown away. I really ought to have achieved more today, but I'm still in holiday mode :D.
    Top tip. Be ruthless when you pack your Christmas decs and wrap away and get rid of stuff you don't need or want or use. I did this last year, and it was so easy when I got my boxes out before Christmas.
    Guineapigsqueaks x

    Keep Smiling :)
  • Happy_OneHappy_One Forumite
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    Oh I do love this thread, haven’t posted for a while, but this thread so appeals to me. I’m just sinking under my clutter, can’t even find some of the things that I had bought for Christmas gifts so have had to go out this morning to buy more, luckily only small stocking filler type things for two people and also lucky that I’m not seeing these friends till Sunday!
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