25 Brexit need-to-knows



  • NottinghamKnight
    Doc_N said:
    Dewpoint said:
    Handy little guide, but I just wish MSE would give just the facts NOT speculative "ifs" and "maybe's". That the BBC's favourite terrority for scaremongering and political propaganda. Something I hope MSE will never participate in!
    Don’t allow yourself to be conned by the media and others who dislike competition from the BBC. It presents facts and intelligent discussion. It does not scaremonger, and it doesn’t do political propaganda.

    You must be thinking of the Mail, the Express and the Telegraph.
    It's always wise to treat any source of information with healthy scepticism, including the BBC, no different to other media titles including the Mail, Torygraph, Grauniad etc
  • danthemoneysavingman
    I propose the article is updated - it would be useful to know what is exactly what now we are in 2023.

    Like if you agree!

    Let me Google that for you...
  • rigolith
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    The deal NI has got is pretty sweet. Would be nice if the rest of the UK could get that deal.
  • zagfles
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    I propose the article is updated - it would be useful to know what is exactly what now we are in 2023.

    Like if you agree!

    Having just got back from an EU trip...
    Item 3 of the travel section needs updating - you don't need an ETIAS yet. Probably 2024, see https://etias.com/etias-requirements/etias-for-british-citizens
    IME having done a few trips since Brexit, the main difference is that your passport gets stamped. You go through passport control on entry and exit to Schengen countries (as you always had to before Brexit, as we were never in Schengen), but don't use EU specific lanes. As the article says there are now restrictions on stays and theroretically you could be questioned about stuff like money, return/onwards tickets but in reality this isn't likely, it's been the case for other (non EU) countries for decades but IME unusual to be questioned.
    On 5 - important to take notice of this and some airlines are interpreting the rules differently, if your passport is within a couple of years of expiry check the rules carefully, both entry requirements on gov.uk and the airline/travel operator's rules.
    On 8 - some mobile providers have brought back roaming charges but not all, we use 1pmobile and there are no EU roaming charges and boosts work (we paid £3 for 1GB UK & EU usage).

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