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If you've clicked on to this post then thank you. I have been reading posts on here for years but never plucked up the courage to actually have a diary myself or comment on others.

What's changed? I have been in debt all of my adult life (now approaching 40!) I have spent so many days and nights worrying about money, trying to keep my head above water, arguing with OH. This time last year things came to a head my OH and I split up for 12 weeks and were heading for divorce, lots of different reasons for this but main contributor was lack of money management and spiralling, out of control debt totalling for me without OH's around £45,000.

I have been through moments where I have felt like their was no way out, that this was me for the rest of my life. The break up made me take stock, I realised that financially I was at rock bottom, but I took my head out of the sand and faced up to it, I was determined that no matter how bad it was their must be a solution and for the sake of my DD and my own sanity I would do something about it.

A year on......................I have set up a DMP with Step Change, I have managed to get the debt down I owed to others (I had a great family but because I wasn't honest with them they let me take credit out in there names) I feel so much better about myself and more importantly I feel in control of my own finances. My OH and I are trying to put our marriage back together, which is not easy and has meant some difficult changes being made on both sides.

I suppose the reason I'm writing this is I managed to pay another credit card up today and I text my mum (who is a great support) and she said "I knew you could do it, just think of those days when you thought their was no way out" and shes right, my life and state of mind is unrecognisable from what is was this time last year. If you are reading this thinking the same as I did last year, then I hope you take heart from this - there is always a solution, the day I set up my DMP with Step Change that night was the best nights sleep I had had in over 18 years.

I am by no way out of debt although I have managed to get it under the £40,000 mark, I still have a long road a head of me but I am hoping that by keeping a diary it might give me the extra encouragement and motivation to keep on going, especially on those down days when I feel dis-heartened.

Coming on to this site and reading all the posts has kept me going and I hope I can return that favour for someone else.
LBM Debt at: £47454:eek:
Current total 26th Oct 2020 £ 25,808.04


  • Happy shiny diary.

    Good luck on your journey x
  • Thank you Purplemum, I have just subscribed to your thread...
    LBM Debt at: £47454:eek:
    Current total 26th Oct 2020 £ 25,808.04
  • Best of luck xx
  • Good for you!
    May seem like a long way to go but you can both do this!!!! Every time the debt gets you down just imagine what It will feel like paying off that final slice, what an amazing thought. You’ve taken that hardest step and now you’re rolling, Just remember that your debt will never be as big as when you first got going.
    Best of luck and subscribed.
  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my diary. So glad you've plucked the courage to start your own diary. Honestly it's the best thing I did and helps me stay focused on the job at hand.

    I've subscribed to your diary and will be cheering you on during your journey x

    My LBM May 2017, DH LBM July 2017- Total Debt (not Including Mortgage) £46444.23 :eek:
    £40773.61 /£46444.23 87.8% paid
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    Good luck :)
    "If you can dream it, you can do it". Walt Disney
  • Thank you for all your encouragement and support, great if you've subscribed you are welcome along this journey :)

    It's half term next week and i'm going to doing a mix of working from home and having some time off, so have decided so set myself some tasks to keep me on track so far the list consists of:

    1. Do a meal plan for the week - to stop daily trips to the supermarket!
    2. Complete DMP annual review
    3. Call Sky - haggle as current deal has come to an end.
    4. Sort out better deal on gas & electric.
    5. Put some stuff on Ebay
    6. Decorate lobby (already have paint)
    7. Pray to MOT gods that car passes!! ( although do have £1000 in emergency fund just in
    8. Take dogs for nice long walks with DD and make the most of the lovely beach. (Enjoy it
    rather than it feeling like another chore!)
    9. MOST IMPORTANTLY enjoy time with DD by baking, playing games and spending quality
    time together (when I say baking, its mostly us laughing at people trying to be polite when
    tasting the soggy inedible thing we've made :rotfl:)

    Don't like leaving the list on 9 will have to think of something else to make it to 10.

    LBM Debt at: £47454:eek:
    Current total 26th Oct 2020 £ 25,808.04
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    Don't like leaving the list on 9 will have to think of something else to make it to 10.


    10. Take an hour out and do something just for yourself
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    SPC 2019 #073

  • Ooh great idea Lucifa73, I like it, will definitely add it as number 10.
    LBM Debt at: £47454:eek:
    Current total 26th Oct 2020 £ 25,808.04
  • Just a quick catch up on achievements so far:

    - Haggled with Sky and got my existing package half price! £33.00 saved.
    - Turns out I am already on the cheapest gas and electricity but was definitely worth checking.
    - Completed annual review for DMP and was able to pay a bit more which has wiped 4 years off, so
    debt free date even closer. Whoo hoo!
    - CAR PASSED MOT!!!!!
    - Meal plan was completed and we stuck to it.

    This is most definitely the best week had in ages, seems that lady luck is with me for a change instead of working against me.
    LBM Debt at: £47454:eek:
    Current total 26th Oct 2020 £ 25,808.04
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