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  • crazy_cat_ladycrazy_cat_lady Forumite
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    Evening all :coffee:
    Nothing much to report. I didn't magically become a millionaire overnight so today has been nsd3.
    Really busy day at work - didn't even get to eat my lunch until after school today, and I'm functioning on less than 5 hours of sleep. So I am absolutely determined to get an early night. DS and I have a date at 9pm with The Apprentice in bed :D
    I did get a balance transfer credit card offer through, which I think I'm going to look into to save me a massive monthly interest payment with my current cc. However, I'll need to be disciplined and look into paying it back asap.
  • greentgreent Forumite
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    A challenge for you - anything you could change to the positive or give up for October? My plan is to re-start bodycoach during Oct, before then I plan on cutting down to one sweet treat/ day maximum :o:o - Bit of a fail today -walnut cake..... lots of it.... LOts of veggies and pulses for dinner and lunch though

    Organise. . Cupboards/ fridge/ freezer all tidied this past week and are looking rather empty and I'm also taking the opportunity to use up those things which have been lurking in the freezer/ cupboard and are now exposed! More leftover bits used up. Also sorted quite a lot of paperwork - filed/ recycled/ shredded as appropriate (organising my house :D)

    Regular budget CCs all paid off in full (one is in credit!) Money gone to savings ac and ISA.Running totals Spends: Groceries £18.37. Clothing £35

    No Spend Days. 1. Not one today. Small Tesc0 shop (and scored a lot of YS frozen bits :j)

    Improvise. -

    Exercise Four times a week at least Small amount of gardening today. Nothing structured as yet - may try to fit in a walk

    Christmas Will plan this out this month
    Have had 2 presents (ordered in Aug and Sept) arrive this week :)

    Banned Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, etc. - have social budget. Will include a meal out for OH's bday.

    Extra Income £5 cash received today from DS3's clothes listed on fb00k. £4 net rewards from bank account (£10 OPd to mtge). Running total £37.78

    Report in, here :)

    Thankful for -a beautiful day, amazing Autumn colours on the leaves in the garden, unexpected YS items, getting a a lot of paperwork sorted (still heaps to go), line dried washing (never to be sniffed at at this time of year!), selling some more stuff, sorting out a heap of stuff for CS
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    Today I am grateful for helpful pupils, for my whistle, for a dry day, for dd enjoying school, for dh mending dd's twizzle swing; for dd climbing 'her' tree on her own (well, she had the help of a dining chair, but took it out, climbed on it, and brought it back in herself), forspotting a rather massive spider's web as I went out to lock the back gate and therefore avoiding getting my face in the middle of it, for some sewing and cutting out, for finally seeing the whole episode of a rather complicated Father Brown so I now know what really happened!
    NST sept; NSD 19; Ex 11

    Mortgage £300 ish (01/14: £78,201; 01/15: £59,629; 01/16: 39,915; 01/17: 27,295; 01/18 23,143; 01/19: 18.275) MFWDate: very soonish
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    It's been a day at home today so I've not spent any money :)

    EXERCISE - This morning I did my 30 minute exercise dvd and very happy to be able to do this again. I feel it really helps to loosen up my shoulder and neck muscles.

    CHRISTMAS - I am sewing Christmas stockings for all my adult friends and family - the children were all given Memory stockings last year. The one I made today was blue, navy, white and silver Christmas fabric and it was a crazy quilted pattern. I have already made several in gold, red and green fabric. I will then just fill them with bits and pieces ie chocolates, nail varnish, lipstick etc.

    ORGANISE - I organised one of the kitchen cupboards and used up cherries and white chocolate to make a variation of rock buns. Just substitute the fruit with chopped cherries and chocolate - they are so yummy.

    I challenge myself not to eat too many cakes :rotfl:
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    Hi everyone,
    Didn't manage to post yesterday but did do all meals from home/scratch and also netted my first NSD. No such luck today as had to buy aunt a birthday card (for tomorrow eeek) and a book of 6 first class stamps. £6.02 spent. Could kick myself as could've bought a single 2nd class stamp at the weekend had I been thinking straight.
    Met DH and our pensions guy after work in Pr3t for a coffee so more spends there. Useful advice though and he is a lovely guy who comes all the way from Bridgwater Somerset to London to see us.
    CCL - another Apprentice fan here - can't wait. Well done on getting the 0% card - we did the same when I was out of work for a while, just for emergencies.
    Dolly - congrats on the job extension
    Well done all those who have fixed zips this week. I need to superglue the tab on DS1s 'favourite' sports top.

    In terms of the challenge:
    Organise - have meal planned until Friday. Will shop Saturday but have a good idea of what's in the freezer.
    Regular budget items should be set by 1st October - all done. Get paid Friday and this should be a normal pay so I will be able to enter those figures onto my spreadsheet.
    No Spend Days - Currently on 1/15
    Improvise. Make do and mend with a creative twist - no ideas yet
    Exercise Four times a week at least - Managed to get out of the office today as it was lovely.
    Christmas - Christmas is a tricky time as we suffered a tragic event two years ago at the end of November and Christmas will never be the same for our family. I do have 9 nieces and nephews to buy for though, and have been making a list of what I need to get for them.
    Banned Takeaways, coffee shops, chippys, pie shops, vending machines, sandwich bars etc. - Coffees tonight were from personal spends. Getting a takeout with the girls on Friday as DH is away for a few days. Going to do a raffle for Mind to raise some funds for a hike my sister and my niece are doing in a few weeks.
    Extra Income or Extra time for the time poor - Nothing this week.
    Report in - here today, sorry about yesterday.

    Cross-stitch WIP: tbc.....
  • mothernerdmothernerd Forumite
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    Okay thinking positive. Walked to crafts and back again (only stopped to rest twice). Helped a lady up some steps by linking arms with her. Did more cutting and sorting and as a result only took one bag to crafts. Half of the lavender bags for the family boxes are completed, the others are all cut out and some are part sewn. Cut out 4 more butterflies. Had lovely lunch (bought it, sorry - but it cost less than taxis to and from crafts would have done and hadn't time to do both). Halloween and Christmas files are out of the cupboard and lots of ideas/ materials - told the centre, once again, NOT to buy anything, we will make decorations etc.

    Last night I wrestled with the Arseda site (it kept going round in circles, making me do the same thing 3 times and then still showing me things I might like to buy, rather than what I asked for). However a raft of cleaning products (as per the cleaner's list, several different products not only for different rooms, but within rooms as well), baking products (so 'we' can start on the Christmas cakes, hooray) and some everyday items will be delivered to mum's on Friday when I am there. I have also filled the washing machine, so can get things outside if it's nice tomorrow.

    Had found my jogging pants so I knew I had something to wear but had to hunt for a t-shirt and it took a while to find a pair of anything to put on my feet (could see one of several pairs but the partners must have fallen/ bounced under the bed or had other things dumped on them.

    I have been telling myself I am not a hoarder but occasionally think that bits of my house do look like those houses on the programmes - must emphasize I do not keep old newspapers, broken down cars or gone off food (still on the right side of untidy but not dirty). But I need to find a solution, urgently. The infection has been overcome but don't feel that I am firing on all cylinders. Good work has been done this week but still feel that I am trailing behind which is not ideal as we enter the flu/ bugs/ lurgy season. Also feeling slightly tearful (must buy more Vitamin D tablets) but not actually broken down.

    Today I am grateful for sewing and all the other skills I have, for libraries and bin men and for u-tube for keeping me entertained whilst sewing.
    My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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    Hugs for those in need of one.
    Challenge – Do more self-care. Still doing my 365 days of self care journal and 365 tiny love challenges.
    Organise. This I must to. Have been tempted to buy things unnecessary.
    Regular budget Budget done.
    No Spend Days NSD today 3/20.
    Exercise Did 1 lap of my usual route around the park. Also walked to and from gp this evening as they had a patient group meeting.
    Christmas This is already sorted. Have put money into a savings account each month for the year. Immediate family all get money. Christmas will be a difficult time for me so I will concentrate on self-care. Usually I spend time around my sister’s. Will have to wait to see what the plans are for this year.
    Banned - Was fine today.
    Extra Income Will be doing surveys when possible. Done a couple today.
    Report - Reporting in.
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    Still on 2 NSDs as DH needed fuel and bought the bread that we still didn't need and therefore still haven't opened!

    Batch cooking done - curries, quiches, savoury muffins, lemon tart, blackberry bakewell. Have barely sat down all day - does that count as exercise?

    Improvise - the pull cord light switch catches on the bathroom door every time it's opened/closed. Raided the Xmas decorations to find a window suction cup and stuck this to the tiles. It holds the cord perfectly out of the way.
    Enough is enough...
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    Had a few medical spends today as have come down with a lovely cold. Normally just grin and bear it but I fly to Iceland on Friday morning so need to kick it if possible! Counting it as a NSD. No exercise today, had a late meeting at work so no time to fit anything in. Have neglected my physio exercises too which is bad considering I won't do them while I'm away. Not much else to report.
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    Thrifty Facebook & I have a love hate relationship. you can find amazing things on there but also I'm fairly sure my anxiety is made worse by being on it.

    Crazy cat lady sending you big hugs, hang in there.

    Challenge- not done too badly , did use messenger a little to complete an order :j But lots of time spent with my kids.

    Organise-- packed for my wkend with my parentals, filled cupboards for hub getting home. both kids still kicking with full tummys & to be honest Its been a rough day with the kids so im just grateful we got through the day!!:beer:
    Regular budget-- i have 125 pounds left. 3 weeks tp go. Cupboards are bursting though! & i have a lot of nappies in etc.
    NSD still on 2. Need to get to 4 at least.

    Excersize-- non unless you count chasing a 2 year old around (which i do)
    Xmas- i ordered a mug for my hub for in his allotment. doesn't have one yet ha however think he will love it. I want to write a poem to go with it. I used to write him funny little poems all the time with gifts and I haven't done since we had the bubbas.
    Banned- didn't eat out.
    Extra-- still need to get round to this.

    Report- hello :D

    Today I am grateful that I was in the room after I turned our fire on as my kids had shoved paper it it which caught fire & filled the room with smoke. Could have been worse . (I did say it has been one of those days)that I got to speak to my husband even if it was brief & for the amazing lady in Aldi who told me "you're doing a great job mumma" when I was trying to push my trolley while carrying & consoling my crying baby & talk to my three year old about what fruit he likes best!! She was lying, but I loved her for it!!:A
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