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Can't open up a bank account.

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Can't open up a bank account.

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doomnikdoomnik Forumite
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So here's the situation:
I'm in the UK, I need to open a bank account so that I can get money paid in from my part time (seasonal) job. I have a German passport which expired 4 years ago (and I currently don't have all the documents to get it renewed). I'm not applying for a British one because I will need to apply for British citizenship first which costs around £1,000 before I can actually apply for a British passport.

I can't open up a current or basic account at banks because I lack the ID requirements. I've never had a bank account before, and I'm 18 so using a birth certificate (which is also german and not accepted here) is out of the question.

Banks keep suggesting to get a provisional drivers license, but again I will need ID for that ID; which I lack.

So I'm stuck and I don't know what I can do. I'm currently relying on my mum's debit card for my income which isn't really ideal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Dominik H.


  • venisonvenison Forumite
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    Hi and welcome to MSE Dom you seem to be in a catch 22 situation no ID and no bank without ID.
    Banks are far more secure re ID because of money laundering laws, sorry I can't be of more help.
  • doomnikdoomnik Forumite
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    Hey there, thank you!

    What you said pretty much describes it, it's very annoying and I feel like there should be an easier way but there never is, is there?
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Get ID as the banks have suggested. You'll need it in the future not just for a bank account.

    It's not easy you're right - which actually is a good things.
  • DobbibillDobbibill Forumite, Board Guide
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    There are other documents which are acceptable.

    Have you got a HMRC tax notification, utility bill/council tax bill in your name etc.

    Have a look at different bank websites to see what they require.
    Here is a list I got quickly off the Lloyds bank website as an example.
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  • doomnikdoomnik Forumite
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    Of course I will have to get ID but at the minute that isn't happening.

    I own none of the things that banks usually suggest. I don't pay taxes, I don't have bills under my name. I don't have a phone contract under my name.

    I have a wage slip under my name but that's not accepted.
  • I am not sure what sort of suggestion you want. Banks rightly want ID, you are refusing ID, so you can not have a bank account.
  • dj1471dj1471 Forumite
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    Different banks have different requirements, shop around a bit.

    Some will accept a HMRC tax/coding notification letter as proof of ID (e.g. Lloyds), you'll also need proof of address such as a council tax bill.

    If it's any consolation UK banks don't accept UK birth certificates as proof of ID either.

    Banks do generally accept national ID cards from the EU, is there any reason you haven't got a German one? A quick Google suggests that they can be obtained while overseas, get in touch with the German embassy.
  • eDickyeDicky Forumite
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    Until you get documented with new German passport or ID card you will face problems. Can you prove your address in any way, and registered on the electoral roll?

    You can try this, but may still ask for ID verification:
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  • doomnikdoomnik Forumite
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    Literally any other option is what I'm looking for. Perhaps not even a proper bank account? Maybe a mastercard? Something I can pay money in to, and use to spend money, maybe a company that isn't as strict with ID requirements that does different kinds of accounts.

    If I'm making any sense here.

    I also find it really dumb that you can apply for a job with an expired passport but not for a bank account. How are you going to get paid without a bank account? It makes no sense in my head.
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    OP an option for a bank account is Monzo, I applied on my phone and took 10 minutes.
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