Love food hate Waste Part two for 2018 :)

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  • Mrs SD

    I don’t think my corned beef ash is authentic at all, it’s basically a stew!
    Whenever I see a recipe for it, it seems to be a dry pan fried affair (often topped with a fried egg). My mum, nan and everyone I know makes it like this, I’ve even asked colleagues and corned beef hash to us here in Yorkshire amounts to corned beef stew so may be a regional thing.

    So it’s basically onion, celery, carrot, parsnip, swede and potatoes stewed with beef stock (two oxos!) corned beef added last. It’s tasty anyway! Corned beef was bought from fultons for £1 and was good quality, I’ve seen it in Poundland too. I’ve gone off the tins of corned beef!
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    10,000 Posts I've been Money Tipped!
    The left over shepherd's pie was delicious I steamed some cauli,carrots (from the freezer) and sweetheart cabbage (fresh bought on Friday) to go with it and it was a real filling meal which it I priced the cabbage freshly bought cost me around 20p all told :) Tomorrow night I am out at quiz night so no cooking for me ,but I shall have a small jacket spud and some salad around lunchtime as the pub meal isn't until around 8.30 p.m.

    great to be rooting around the freezer for stuff and not having to trail around the shops for anything :)

    using up stuff instead of shopping for it is really money saving :)

    JackieO xx
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