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Love food hate Waste Part two for 2018 :)

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Hi chums I see for some reason unbeknown to us all that the previous thread was deleted .OK well lets no be despondant it was 11 months old and I certainly didn't expect it to run as long as it did,but this will no defeat us in our object to LFHW will it .So come on chums get those ideas rolling again for the new year ahead

JackieO xxx


  • [Deleted User]
    I've just resurrected a very sad looking head of broccoli from the depths of the fridge drawer and given it a chum in the form of some dried out stilton left over from Christmas and a bay leaf from my tree in the garden and it will become a wonderful batch of soup for our lunches for the next couple of days. I've also taken the tail end of a loaf and a crust from the last one, sprayed them with oil spray and cubed them up for croutons which cook to perfection in 20 minutes in the oven. No waste today !
  • Islandmaid
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    Such a shame about the old thread, I am sure the Mods are doing all they can to help

    I removed the HUGE Christmas turkey carcass from the freezer, will make stock for soups - chicken and sweet corn this week I think as for some unknown reason, we appear to have 3 bags of frozen sweet corn :eek:

    Also using up the Christmas sweetie and biscuit remains by making Chocolate Salami/rocky road type thing - will take into work to save calories too :rotfl:
    Note to self - STOP SPENDING MONEY !!

  • [Deleted User]
    Well done Mrs LW I have got a couple of chicken thighs out of the freezer for tonight's dinner with some chilli mashed spuds and will have them with steamed cabbage and carrots.Everything I can do to reduce the food mountain in my freezer so I can defrost.I have also got some leek and potato soup out for lunch today. I am down to the last box of biscuit now left over from Christmas

    JackieO xx
  • Mrs_Salad_Dodger
    Mrs LurcherWalker,

    My poor garden birds! What a great idea for leftover and stale bread, it just never occurred to me to make croutons & I do love a crouton but would never buy them. Plus now you lovely people have enthused me with the desire to make my own soup ( so far leek & potato, Stilton & potato) croutons would be a lovely addition.

    I must admit I was very sad when the original thread was lost but thanks to JackieO (who is an inspiration!) we will move on.

    Last night I used the last of my potatoes (which had just started sprouting), the sad looking leek in the back of the fridge, the large portion of leftover cream & cider sauce from the freezer to go over the two duck breasts from the freezer (excess XMas purchase) & a large portion of green beans from freezer. The meal was delicious according to my DH. The LO leek & potato mash (made with the last of the soured cream from the fridge) will be fried tomorrow to go with last of the bacon & the last of the mushrooms from the fridge, together with a couple of fried eggs (sending DH to sm with a list for missing ingredients re my 7 day menu plan).

    Today, we have used 4 slices of frozen bread for toast & the last of the raspberry jam. The glass jar will be washed & recycled.

    The LFHW thread, is a great way of keeping the brain active trying to come up with ways to use LOs & invent recipes to use up all those half opened jars bought for specific recipes!

    Sorry I have waffled on, but losing the thread means I wasn’t able to do my usual reading!:)


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    I have some spiced chicken out of the freezer for dinner tonight and I'll be liberating more chicken tomorrow to make a roast dinner. I had courgette soup for lunch today made from one of my freezer soup kits. My freezer is my friend :)
  • maddiemay
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    Sad looking potatoes and some leeks currently in soup maker, should be lunch together with some toast in 20 minutes. HM lamb casserole defrosted for tonight's supper with mash and veg. Flapjacks were made a couple of days ago all ingredients from cupboard stocks. I am getting on well in running stocks down, but they will be replenished as I do like to have a choice of baked goods to make for OH to top up his energy levels - his yearly total of miles cycled worked out at 80 per week for 2017, not bad for a 75 year old:D:D
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  • purplevamp
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    So sad about the other thread. Thanks for starting a new one JackieO :T

    Perhaps the spam button was clicked too much because people were using it up :cool::rotfl:

    Yesterday we had the last of the oven chips (not many left) and some southern fried chicken which I bought on the way home from work (L!dl cheapy). There's a spare drumstick which I will have for lunch today, although it's now 3pm :eek: Managed to get a tin of Heinz Tomato soup from "The Shelf" at work. Still in date but dented so can't be given out for the foodbank.

    No takeaway yesterday or today :T
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  • freyasmum
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    I am gutted about the old thread. I didn't post much - if at all - on it, but I loved reading it.

    We are hopefully moving this year, we just need to find 'the house'. So, we will be eating up everything in our store cupboard (and also siphoning out the clutter -- not easy with two kids!).

    Tonight will be corned beef hash/stovies which I've never had before but always fancied.
  • Tink_04
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    Well I’m doing really well!!

    Had loads to use up which is lucky as had a hard month with only £80 for 4 of us!

    We have managed by using up things we already have and I’m now in a position to have a lot less stuff in my freezer and cupboards so we have only been buying what we need.

    Took mince out to make spag Bol using the peppers and mushrooms and I’ve padded it out with lentils and oats to stretch it into a meal for next week too. Serving it with Garlic bread out of the freezer and pasta from our stores (we are down to the last 2 packets!!)

    Having the last of the Xmas gammon from the freezer as dinner tomorrow with mash and veg! I think making sure I use up everything I can and freezer what i hav eleft makes sure there is no waste! Food = money if I use it wisely I’m not wasting it and throwing money away!

    Glad to see a new thread here is to 2018

    Living the simple life
  • FrugalWeirdo83
    I would like to join please. I hate food waste. On a side note Jackie, I was reading through another thread and saw a comment that you spend £60 a month on your food, I'm in awe. Fancy sharing your secret?
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