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Love food hate Waste Part two for 2018 :)

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  • Cleaned the pantry cupboard - just a double wall cupboard really - and the only thing I threw were these awful chocolates that my husband bought some time ago - they were out of date by 6 months :eek: I’ve told him not buy more unless he actually eats them plus they were in a huge box. So more space. We still have a celebration tub filled with mini chocolates from Christmas!

    Tomorrow I am going to do something with coconut as I need to use by the open bag.

    Tonight’s dinner was pasta sauce using up soft tomatoes, floppy celery, slight wrinkled peppers, carrots dito, garlic and red onions - including half rescued from the bottom of the veg box. Smells good:T
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    lickylonglipslickylonglips Forumite
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    Used up a pumpkin, some couscous and some roast pork for tea.

    I hydrated the couscous with a vegetable stock cube, chilli flakes, cumin, celery salt, cracked black pepper and garlic powder. I used it to stuff the pumpkin that I'd started off in the microwave and finished in the oven.
  • YorksLassYorksLass Forumite
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    Do you find home baking cheaper? I love baking but sometimes thinks it's more economical to buy some value biscuits (Although a lot less enjoyable)

    Not necessarily cheaper - especially given the price of butter these days - but definitely tastier and more enjoyable than shop-bought.
    MrsPear wrote: »
    What can I do with left over roast beef?

    This reminded me of a time many years ago when my two were children and, unbeknown to me, they'd invited a couple of their pals for tea. I had a small leftover piece of roast beef that wouldn't have stretched out if I'd just sliced it so I minced it up, cooked it in the gravy with some onions, carrots, celery, pearl barley and lentils, added hm Yorks puds and cabbage. Hm apple pie and custard for afters, there was more than enough for 2 adults and 4 children. ;)
    maddiemay wrote: »
    I think that half a cauli may have gone a bit too far to reclaim, but I will check today and salvedge it if possible. I need to grate a batch of cheddar, so may get a cauli cheese from it:(

    Did it happen?

    Celery & bacon soup made this week and it turned out much nicer than I'd expected so another one for the repertoire.

    Since joining in LFHW way back, my cupboards are much tidier and I can see what's in them. Everything now within date - apart from some gravy granules that seem to be taking forever to use up. I reckon another couple of uses and they'll be gone. I won't by buying them again; not expensive but no flavour to them; they just colour and thicken the gravy.
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    I stick to Bisto gravy powder, I have never got on with granules at all, plus they never seem to go as far as the powder :)

    Bought a couple of bits for my forthcoming gt granddaughter at the shopping centre today ,gosh kids stuff has really got very expensive hasn't it. But its my first gt grandchild so I suppose she's got to have something nice.

    No food shopping though and DD bought some rolls and we took them to DGD's and had lunch and waited for the baby to kick, but she was obviously not going to oblige us :):)only 9 more weeks to go

    Keep warm and dry chums its blooming cold out there
  • maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    YorksLass wrote: »

    Did it happen? .

    Sort of:D, I salvaged just over half the cauli, OH popped it in with the boiling potatoes part way through so we ate butcher's sausage, potato and cauli mash, carrots, broccoli and gravy, so very tasty, and some mash left for bubble and squeak or something similar:D:D
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    Today I used up the remaining tinned pork in a boring sandwich as I was working in a different base today and didn't know their layout. Dinner was a chicken & hoisin stir fry, using up a hoisin sachet which was probably way out of date as we haven't bought sachets for forever!! But it was very tasty and there are two portions left for lunches tomorrow (back in my usual office!).

    But I am starving now!! If I go to bed then I can't eat and I'll get some extra sleep before work tomorrow. So night night everyone :p
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    LameWolf wrote: »
    Couple of ideas - make the Spam button a different colour from the thanks button - maybe make it red?
    Have an "Are you sure?" stage, so that the person reporting Spam hits the Spam button, then has to hit another button to confirm they actually wanted to report Spam.
    I don't know how practical these would be, as I'm not a coder, but it's my two pennyworth, fwiw. :o

    Re: LFHW - I am pleased to say we are still managing ZERO food waste in this house; mainly I think due to careful measuring (even if it's by eye) to ensure correct portions for Mr LW and myself, c/w Mr LW's ability to eat up anything on my plate that I find I can't manage. :D

    We're both a bit under the weather at present (I have lupus-related nausea and he has a poorly back) so not sure what tonight's dins will be; something easy I think, as I have another meet'n'greet visit tonight, a little Shih Tzu coming to visit at 20:00.

    I recently rescued a couple of slightly geriatric bananas by making them into banana cake (added bonus - it's one where you chuck all the ingredients in the food processor and wuzz it) which did us for dessert for a few days.

    I often accidently hit spam when i am scrolling so an are you sure promp would help ( I always un spam when i notice ..not sure if this cancels it out officially tho )
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  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    The meal plan went to pot! My DH kindly treated us to a curry which has fed us for two days and not a scrap left! The coconut biccies I baked on Saturday are now all gone��
    So new meal plan needed & back to emptying the freezer & using up larder stores.
    DH did an sm shop on Saturday but the plan is not to do another one until the 27th.
    Found out that you can roast frozen veg - toss in a little olive oil (lemon & dill is rather nice) and cook near top of oven @ 200C for 30/35 mins. DH is now a big fan & so am I as it means fresh veg is not a priority & I am less likely to waste anything! Also need to bake some biccies as the tin is completely empty now!


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    maddiemay wrote: »
    OH and I have both been a little off colour and not wanted proper meals for a couple of days, so I think that half a cauli may have gone a bit too far to reclaim, but I will check today and salvedge it if possible. I need to grate a batch of cheddar, so may get a cauli cheese from it:(
    If I've got any cauli left over I freeze it and if it's not good enough to serve with a dinner, I mash it and add to mashed potato for a pie topping.
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    My frozen asparagus was quite nice last night and I'm glad it was y/s at 35p as well I steamed it along with some sweetheart cabbage and carrots and it bulked out my dinner nicely ,that's another bit of veg gone from the freezer I am going to sort out some stewing meat today to defrost and will SC it overnight I think.

    Still keep finding the odd frozen scone in the freezer tucked away and wrapped individually from before Christmas :) but lovely, defrosted and gently warmed through in the m'wave.DD had been given a pile from the shop next to where she works when they were shutting at the end of the day, so gave me around a dozen of them as she knows I hate binning food I wrapped them in single portions and distributed them in odd corners of the freezer :) I feel sure I have eaten more than I was given ,perhaps they are multiplying in there :):):) But they make an nice odd treat for elevenses :)
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