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The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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  • flypflyp Forumite
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    When asking companies for free stuff is it ebtter to write a letter or email?

    i would like to know, thanks

    Edit: or should i phone the company
  • freebiequenniefreebiequennie Forumite
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    i have previously emailed simple and just asked for any sample products as have sensitive skin and got sent a jiffy bag of stuff, my sister emailed for her 2 babies with hyper sensitive skin and got loads including full bottles of bath products for them.

    when we got married emailed estee lauder for any mini bottles of perfume as was wearing their perfume on my wedding day they sent me 45 mini bottles of same one for me to use as favours

    also for wedding green and blacks sent me 70 small bars of maya gold for favours left over from a promotion they had running was and still is the only choc i buy as love it and is fairtrade

    also for wedding for min whisky 5cl bottles from whyte and mckay asked them for 35 for the men attending our wedding as favours got sent a case of 96 mini bottles.

    had to write to loads of companies for these things and many didnt even reply but was great advertising, i know many of our guests not buy green and blacks and never had before and the whisky drinkers tend to buy the whyte and mckay brand now rather than the old brands they were drinking.
  • rmg1rmg1 Forumite
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    philw1 wrote: »
    what company did you blag the stick off? i woudnt mind trying this one:beer:

    Hi philw

    Sorry for the delay - it was website (I think, it'll be close anyway)
    Just tried it and it looks like the websites down for now.

    Just had another look - website back up and running.
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  • freebiequenniefreebiequennie Forumite
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    emailed pataks asking if they could send me any coupons for a curry night i was having and they sent me a letter saying they didnt do coupons but sent me a £5 cheque telling me to enjoy my curry night- thanks pataks!!
  • flypflyp Forumite
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    i am planning to write to companies anyway of getting any stamps? like cheap?
  • Guy_laister_2Guy_laister_2 Forumite
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    flyp wrote: »
    i am planning to write to companies anyway of getting any stamps? like cheap?

    join the royal mail survey. 18 free a month
    Dont forget to click THANKS if I help you!!:j :j
  • flypflyp Forumite
    374 posts
    oh i applied for that yesterday or teh day before. How long will they take for the stamps to be sent?
  • flypflyp Forumite
    374 posts
    What stuff have you recived from writing letters to companies? Want to start a big psot about what stuff, you have recived and what companies you have written to for free stuff.

    My lettter, well it was a e email to krispy Keme asking em to send any free stuff. Sent me to lanyards and two little mobile phone cleaners
  • OurJoeyOurJoey Forumite
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    I have received sweet FA :D
  • Why have you started a new thread when you know there is one here...
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