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The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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  • sorry, another question.
    Brownbake, what did u say in the letter to Moet and Chandon?
    This might be good for my hen party or wedding.
    Many thanks
    ps, u can pm me if u dont want to say on the forum
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  • bravobeastiebravobeastie Forumite
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    Contacted Lush the other day and explained that i had used some of their items as wedding favours when i got married (which i had) and that my friend is getting married now and would they have any samples they could send....

    Just had a box delivered and OH MY GOD.... there is a large heart shaped soap or bath bomb (can't see as its wrapped lol) 5 small soap samples, 2 soaps samples in gold pouches (1 small 1 medium), a large soap and a large bath bomb

  • i have previously emailed simple and just asked for any sample products as have sensitive skin and got sent a jiffy bag of stuff, my sister emailed for her 2 babies with hyper sensitive skin and got loads including full bottles of bath products for them.

    when we got married emailed estee lauder for any mini bottles of perfume as was wearing their perfume on my wedding day they sent me 45 mini bottles of same one for me to use as favours

    also for wedding green and blacks sent me 70 small bars of maya gold for favours left over from a promotion they had running was and still is the only choc i buy as love it and is fairtrade

    also for wedding for min whisky 5cl bottles from whyte and mckay asked them for 35 for the men attending our wedding as favours got sent a case of 96 mini bottles.

    had to write to loads of companies for these things and many didnt even reply but was great advertising, i know many of our guests not buy green and blacks and never had before and the whisky drinkers tend to buy the whyte and mckay brand now rather than the old brands they were drinking.

    I wrote to estee lauder as every year me & my mam(who is a survivor of breast cancer & i have the gene) hold a tickled pink party in aid of breast cancer & proceeds go to local breast cancer support group and is featured in the press. I asked for a small donation & grovelled a bit really got email back saying well no basically!!!!!!
  • TasukeTasuke Forumite
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    Hi, this is my first post here. I've been reading the site for quite a while, but it wasn't until catching up and reading this thread that I decided to join.

    I've been writing to video game companies whose products I enjoy for around a decade now. When I do so, I always write a polite letter stating my interest in their products (quite often this is a long-held interest - I am a long-time customer of many of the companies I've written to), and tend to also ask, politely, if the company presently has any promotional goods available relating to the products I'm interested in, and if they do, if they could please let me know how I would go about obtaining some. I've had a lot of good responses over the years, and have dealt with some really nice people.

    In the past I've received all sorts of stuff, ranging from recent issues of games magazines, catalogues filled with lots of nice character artwork, t-shirts, bags, watches, wallets, frisbees, keychains, paperweights in wooden boxes, CD-wallets, demo versions of new games, and promotional full copies of games (usually given to members of the press; shockingly sometimes of brand new titles!), and all sorts of other things.

    Most recently, I received a big parcel from Capcom Europe, who, it turned out, were astonishingly generous in response to a letter I wrote them. The package contained two shirts (one promoting the game Okami, the other promoting Devil May Cry 3), two neat little hand-warming pouches which are apparently usable hundreds of times promoting the game Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (they are those liquid-filled pouches which heat up and solidify when you flex a small metal disc contained within them, and which can often be "reset" by placing them in boiling water for a couple of minutes), and, most shocking of all, three full games. I was stunned. You can see them (and one of the hand-warmers) in the picture below;


    The games are MegaMan Star Force: Leo for the Nintendo DS, Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 for the PlayStation 2, and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition for the PlayStation 3. Now, I don't own a PlayStation 2 or 3, but I certainly own a Nintendo DS (great value system to game on - especially when importing US and Japanese games is so cheap, and generally stays below the Customs "cap" of £18!). I was so incredibly pleased to receive these - and I'm sure I'm going to enjoy MegaMan Star Force: Leo greatly. In spite of not owning two of the systems in question, the fact that they were so generous as to send a bunch of goodies AND *three complete games* my way in response to a nice letter really stunned me, and I think they deserve major kudos for that. Kudos to you, Capcom Europe!

    I sent them a thankyou letter as soon as I regained my composure, of course. :) I'm always grateful when someone takes the time to give such a lovely response to a fan letter.
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    (... And it's Tas-keh, not Ta-sook. ;))
  • E-mailed yorkshire tea asking for freebies was sent some teabags and a voucher for a free cake.
  • RockGypsyRockGypsy Forumite
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    Have had bit of sucsess
    £2 Tresemme VO5 voucher
    5 beer towels and beer mats from Spitfire ale
    Zig-Zag sent bout 10 different sizes and types of rolling papers and packet of filters.
    Thanks everyone for this thread,love it !!:beer:
    :A :shocked::shocked: :A
  • kle87kle87 Forumite
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    After reading this last night I emailed yorkshire tea about their new de-caf tea bags. First thing this morning I got a reply thanking me for my comments and saying they'd send out some samples. What very nice people!
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  • RockGypsyRockGypsy Forumite
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    received a £2 Pantene voucher today
    :A :shocked::shocked: :A
  • brownbake wrote: »
    Also in regards to my wedding I wrote off to Virgin to see if I could get any discounts. They sent a lovely letter back saying they didn't but Sir Richard had been so touched by my letter that he personally called me for a chat. He then offered us a week on Necker island including 1st Class tickets!!
    We couldn't pass it up and when we were there Will Smith was staying.

    It isn't what you say but how you say it.

    Amazing story :beer:
  • What companies are good to write to? Where do you get the contact details? I want to try this out for myself!
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