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The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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  • I have a massive box of freebies I have received in the past, vouchers, make-up,toiletries and many other things.I just wrote genuine emails and people have been quite pleased.I have also been sent lots of chocolates etc but most of them have been given to my boyfriend because he is skinny and I'm trying to diet! :)
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    I'm going to spend this weekend creating a list of things I'd like to blag! There are some things here I don't need but my new policy is "if you can get it for free, why pay?"

    Thanks for the tips everyone :)
    Thank you competition posters!
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    cookanatorcookanator Forumite
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    anyone had any luck latelty and who from and what did you get please?
  • This thread is amazing keep going guys!!
  • Hi, I'm starting a uni course in January overseas. I'm interested in blagging things for it :) as basically I have no money to spend now, everything needs to be saved/sold to pay for it, and I still need to get a loan... So anything that would make it cheaper would lessen the stress :) Has anyone tried sort of asking for 'sponsorship' for instance if I contacted Virgin or BA and asked if they'd be able to 'sponsor' my airfare, do you think that would work? Has anyone done anything like that before? I don't really know what's in it for them, that's the only thing. Also was thinking of contacting a software company and seeing if they could give me their software for free, but once again, no idea how to word it, and can't see what's in it for them. Thanks for any help :)
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