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The Great ‘Blagging hints and tips’ Hunt

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  • FiftyPentsFiftyPents Forumite
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    Had an email back from WKD today, some woman saying she had a few things that would be good, and she'd send them onto me. Who else is good for freebies? I tried Blavod, but no reply, and i haven't had a reply from Guiness either, or Cadburys.
  • FiftyPentsFiftyPents Forumite
    268 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    artystix wrote: »
    Wrote to the jemma Kidd make-up school, just requested a few samples, was told

    "sorry we dont do samples, but i will send you some promotional stuff"

    Didnt expect much....................however the postie dropped off a parcel this morning containing

    4 lip glosses
    4 eyesahow sticks
    1 lip n cheek tint
    1 sparkle shimmer gel & dust

    priced them up on

    NEARLY £80 worth of cosmetics............just for asking!!

    I emailed this company to say i was interested in purchasing a lot of their products, but was wondering if they had any samples to try first. No reply! :o
  • I emailed Innocent Drinks last year and told them that I thought it was unfair that they had decided to charge for their festival which is normally free. They sent me £6 Innocent drink vouchers. The thing is, I would never normally buy Innocent drinks because they are expensive, but used the vouchers to buy their small carton drinks for my son. He loves them and have been buying them ever since! So I got £6 off them, but in return they've got my regular custom.
  • kle87kle87 Forumite
    411 posts
    Ive sent a few emails out this week and so far other than some information off Tigi bed head who also said they'd pass on my sample request everyone else has said no! Just so you guys dont waste your time companies which said no are Bennefit, Urban Decay, Revlon, Impulse & Pizza Hut...gutted
    2010 Wins: Benecol Bag For Life, £150 FCUK Voucher, Rimmel Foundation, L'oreal Mascara, £60 worth of hair products, £100 :j
  • mrsdinozzomrsdinozzo Forumite
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    tried blagging with Twinings - praised their Hot Chocolate to the skies and offered myself as a tester and kept my fingers crossed...nowt!! But I did get a very sweet email from them...worded in such a way you could HEAR them smiling...thanking me but no thanks...right...NEXT!!! Who to many, so many and only so many hours in a day...or night...;)

    still waiting to hear back from Nestle about Coco Shreddies...I'm addicted to them!! So far...yep - nowt!!
    All these years since I left school and I've never once had to use Algebra
  • FiftyPentsFiftyPents Forumite
    268 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    Wrote to Cobra beer, they sent me 2 bottle openers, really cool ones.

    Wrote to WKD blue, saying i wanted some stuff for a home bar, the lady i spoke to via email sent me a drip mat, a bottle opener and a massive ice bucket with WKD written on it! Well pleased, didnt even have to pay postage.

    Also, sent an email praising walkers crisps, they sent me 3 quid in vouchers, sent one to Sacla, they sent me a voucher for a free jar, sent email to Heinz, they sent me a 3 quid voucher! Im enjoying all this blagging!
  • VolvicVolvic Forumite
    244 posts
    I've contacted: Lenor, Jack Daniels, Herbal Essences, Unilever, Original Source, Malibu, Gordon's and WKD this past few months and got nothing from any of them..not even a reply e-mail.
  • flypflyp Forumite
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    some take along than other. I eamiled mcdonalds and waiting for a reply
  • Guy_laister_2Guy_laister_2 Forumite
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    I managed to blag some posters from MG (the car company) just emailed them, asking for posters. :)

    Dont forget to click THANKS if I help you!!:j :j
  • janeysjaneys Forumite
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    I wrote Molton Brown a lovely e-mail requesting trial sample and or fragrance cards and this morning I received three, 30ml trial size bottles of body cream, bath/shower wash and liduid hand wash. I have found that the nicer the letter the better response you get. hth
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