KonMari 2017 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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    Does anybody else feel relief when it's bin day coming and more stuff is going out through the door? Hit the shredder hard this afternoon to the point the overheat light came on, so I had to do in batches. Got rid of the contents of 3 more large lever arch files which expanded to fill 6 boxes the size you get 5 reams of A4 paper in. All boxes labelled up as shredded paper and waiting for the binmen tomorrow. This has left me with some decent lever arch files. I've got some other paperwork in some grotty folders I acquired from somebody else. At some point when I get a moment I will transfer the stuff I have to keep a while longer into the newer files and ditch the older ones. Good to see some space developing on the shelf in the cupboard. More to do, but need to make sure I don't bust the shredder, It's pretty robust, but then I've broken 4 in the past.
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    A batch of LP records taken to the CS today, the rest will go tomorrow. OH tells me he as selected some books to go, not sure how many yet, I have quite a lot to go to. Borrowed 2 books from library, I almost bought them from A*azon, but pleased I did not as not sure that I will want to get them to keep having flicked through them.

    I have gained some packets of sauces etc after having Kondoed Mum's kitchen cupboard (at her request) most things are OOD, but will be fine as the contents are freeze dried and sealed. I need to provide some cakes for a coffee morning at the weekend so hopefully some of my baking stock will be used up:D
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    Mrs MoneyPenny are you meaning another Polly? I'm not sure we've met!
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    Everyone's doing so well! I've been hectically busy but the house is feeling so much better for it.

    2 large pieces of furniture have left the premises (well one has, the other is being collected tonight but it's in the garage so it's out of sight for now). It means I've reclaimed my dining room that was being used as an office. Office has now relocated to the smaller of the 2 spare rooms up stairs and is much more streamlined as there's limited space.

    Another trip to the tip happened yesterday with the old wardrobe from the spare room (if I'd have kept it, I'd have filled it) and some other stuff that's been hanging around in the garage. Popped into the charity shop on the way home with another 2 bags of DDs stuff that they wanted rid of.

    I've been ruthless in the kitchen and got rid of some of the "spares" (a friend took them) so everything has a proper home that doesn't involve squeezing it into small spaces - so much easier to just put stuff away. When I came down for breakfast this morning, I fed the cats, opened the back door, unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned the sides down all whilst the kettle boiled. Previously, unloading the dishwasher would been of those tasks I put off as I'd have to find space for stuff.

    I'm sure my house is breathing a huge sigh of relief this week.

    It's strange, you think you're done and then something else happens and other stuff can be released - probably not the right way to go about it but it's working for me.
    "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with" - W. C. Field.
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    I remember something GQ said about removing a larger item ie dismantling. I do sometimes worry about getting rid of big stuff eg I have a massage chair, big and black and very effective. It is 18 years old, was from a tv shopping channel. I have taped the controller to a piece of wood, to protect the wires, to stop them bending as they were starting to look fragile. I don`t want this chair to stop working because it can be a life saver but one day it will stop and I worried about getting rid of it. GQ to the rescue, again and yes of course, I will do what I always do, get the srewdrivers and saw out and remove a bit at a time. Sorted, now I will no longer think about it while having a deep shiatsu massage up and down my back

    Fabric KM is still going on but not removing, just transforming into clothing. Wardrobe clothing removal is going very slowly, I think I will have to wait for end of summer to see transfer progress faster. Crocs went out yesterday, bad for my feet, podiatrist called them devil shoes

    Food storage and km has been very effective, wrt dry foods. I actually see some shelf space now, It was worth doing and I have better turnover. Paperwork is down to zero after spending a whole morning last week. Its a difficult one, is paperwork. I am sure we all resolve to put this stuff away when it arrives but it always arrives when we are busy and it gets dumped into `that` pile
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    :) I think a lot of people tend to forget that even very big things are made of lots of much smaller things and can, in most cases, be dismantled with nothing more than a screwdriver and perhaps allen keys. Wood can also be sawn, although one should not cut up MDF without a mask.

    For those of us without a lot of upper body strength (i.e. me ;)) you can get hand-held battery powered saws. Saw my cousin using one of these to dismantle an un-donatatble divan bed base at Nan's and it was an education.
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    I had a meet up with 2 lovely ladies from this thread in Norfolk last year it was those I'm sure it was this thread we were on kazwookie was definately one and other was a Polly

    My brain has had a lot of sleep since then and messages deleted,
    Sorry for confusion.
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    I'm having a go at the komono and paperwork by starting on a couple of small Ikea chests of drawers. Since my efforts at tidying up often involve chucking stuff into those drawers - and bags and suitcases :o - at random, it is time to give these things a defined home. Even if it is the recycling bin. ;)

    The drawers are gradually emptying and then it means other stuff can be dragged in for a sort. It may not be the prescribed method but it will work for me with my previous random ways.
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    Dead sofa is gone :T even then OH and DS were quite bothered by it going. found £2.27 when we dismantled - but DS nabbed it as his. Which it probably was and as he did most of the lifting out, i let him have it.

    Temporary replacement is in place, but is bigger than the original so it will be temporary. We are now as ready as we'll ever be to receive DD's stuff from uni in a couple of weeks.

    I need to find some kind of charity or house clearance people to take some furniture from her flat - there's a dining suite, a sofa (with fire tags), a couple of wardrobes and some kitchen stuff - fridge, washing machine..
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • Hi everyone, I've been dipping in and out of the threads. I'm trying to declutter and keep on top of my house, it's been an ongoing battle for many years �� but our house is on the market and we hope to move before the end of the year, I refuse to haul boxes of stuff we don't need/want to a new house. I'm trying to do bits but its tricky while the kids are home, my youngest finally goes full time at school in September so I'm hoping to really get stuck in then. I also wanted to suggest a place to rehome things, I'm a member of a local Facebook group called cloud, there are a number in my region, I don't know if its national. It stands for changing lives on ur doorstep and is like free cycle in that items are donated to local people in need, things like furniture and kitchen appliances are always in demand though books, toys, bags of clothes anything really are donated and it saves you having to transport stuff to charity shops
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