KonMari 2017 - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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Since there seems to be a few new threads being started in case old ones are accidentally lost, shall I do the same for KonMari?

Here's the links to the old threads with thanks to VfM4meplse and greent



'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' by Marie Kondo is a home organisation/ decluttering book like no other. Instead of looking for things to discard, Marie Kondo says we should instead look for things we wish to keep - using the 'does it spark joy?' method. Ultimately this means that everything in our homes should spark joy for us :j You might not think that everyday and seemingly mundane items can't spark joy - but you need to think around it a little. So whilst an iron may not spark joy, wearing ironed clothes may. A cheese grater may not spark joy, but your child may really like grated cheese in their wraps - which brings joy.

Marie Kondo also says that this should be done quickly and properly. This may take six months to achieve, but tidying properly should mean doing it just once. This is against the often-seen decluttering advice of doing 15 minutes a day, or a drawer/ shelf a day.

MK suggests an order as to what to sort through first and subsequently. This is important - she starts with items which many people do not have an emotional attachment to (clothes) and builds up to sentimental items (photos) so that a person's joy-meter can be developed along the way. :)

Many MSE-ers have been following the KM method (kondo-ing) successfully. It fits into the MSE ethos by changing your mindse - you will no longer want to shop mindlessly for something 'just because' or 'it'll do' - you will want to buy only joyful items, thereby often saving ££ on random, impulse purchases.:money::T


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    LOL - we have KM'd the old thread :p

    Well done Slinky - there is far too much on the old thread to lose it.

    I have kondoed the ironing onto my DD. I said i would pay her as she needs the money, I need it done, and none of the ironing is hers
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    Always nice to have a fresh new thread! Here's hoping the gremlins are all done mind you!
    Must use my stash up!
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    :D Wa-hey, a brand-new thread. Thanks, slinky!

    I've just got my bike back from the repair shop (like the Bionic Man, parts of it have been rebuilt ;)). Very pleased.

    This will mean that dump-running can continue (I have no car) and life will speed up a bit, particularly in respect of allotmenteering.

    Decluttered a jam-jar of sugar to someone who will use it up in their tea, so that's one fewer item in the cupboard.

    Have brought a book down off the To Be Read shelf and stuck it very prominently in front of me, as a declaration that I will read it next. I think Mum would enjoy it, too, so she can have it afterwards and then it can go to the chazzer.

    Parents do their weekly outing to Big Market Town on a Weds, so instructed that they should be sure to take the big handknitted blanket to the chazzer today as I want to have room to sleep on the spare bed once I get over there, which will be in the next few weeks.
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    Thanks Slinky, good job!

    Well DH came in last evening with a 32-pack of loo rolls 'cos they were on offer'. We live in a very small house so storage is a real issue. LBM - have taken the bath panel off and 20 rolls are now tucked under there :rotfl: The rest are under my desk!

    As an aside, my work today (home help) included mending a necklace, spraying an ant nest, ringing the fire brigade (to get alarm they provided replaced because it is malfunctioning), booking an electrician, and repositioning a garden bench! Oh, well, at least it's never boring :)
    I have changed my work-life balance to a life-work balance. :grin:
  • SlinkySlinky Forumite
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    Extra insulation for your bath MMF!
  • silvasavasilvasava Forumite
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    Thanks Slinky. :j:j:j
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    Wheeeeeeee! Gotta love a shiny new thread! :D

    (Much (charity) paperwork being sorted here - didn't realise *just* how much it was dragging me down. Sorting it - with a view to passing it on - is bringing much lightness :))
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    Oooh can I join please? I've been KM'ing for sometime now and each section/room looks great after I've done it but by the time I've done the whole house and get around to having a refresh, I've somehow accumulated more stuff. Having kids doesnt help! Im not looking forward to Friday when I get handed bags of artwork, books, models, pictures, forgotten tupperwear and scrap paper from my daughters tray at school. At least their tatty school uniform can go straight into the recycling bin :D

    Is there a method or list you are following? I find it difficult to follow KM's method of doing a section at a time as a lots of the things aren't mine so obviously wont bring me joy. Apart from that, I follow her teachings.

    My ultimate aim is to be more organised, tidy, live in a clean environment, have an easy to clean and minimalist environment and to love every item I own.
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    Does anyone know how to shut down the old thread properly? We now have two threads running simultaneously.
  • Hello, I've listened to this book a few times on yo*tube while at work and think the general idea of it is great and I'm slowly trying to bring this into our life. Somehow all the clutter we have in our little home is mine, the other half only collects motorbikes and cars!! So I'm hoping that I can start making a big dent in everything. My only problem is house spiders, you know the big black ones! We have a room half full with boxes and the stuff when we first moved in and I'd love to start clearing this room but if I see one spider that's it sudden panic! Even when armed with the hover!
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