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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    For the past few days.

    1. DS1 has agreed with some persuasion to keep the hall tidy. It's created a few arguments as DS2 feels it must be his job to mess it up. Hopefully it will be one less thing for me to do.

    2. Managed eventually to put in my expenses claim for staying in the hotel in Edinburgh for the course I attended. Should be paid next month. It's now a complicated long winded new system.

    3. Enjoyed GBBO

    4. Lighting a candle each evening.

    5. Work foster carers do.

    My back is slowly improving as is my cold.

    On Tuesday I should have had a final meeting about flexible working but this was changed to a formal meeting with my immediate manager who has rejected my request . I now have to reappeal to her manager. Then another meeting will be arranged to discuss it. I requested flexible working in early July. I think the worst part is I'm not surprised at how incompetent it all is.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    Been a busy few days so pleasure in most of them has been finally being able to go to bed in the evening!

    Monday saw us walking round Westonbirt Arboretum where the colours are utterly beautiful and the leaves swirling in the wind falling to the ground made me very small again, it's something I've always loved.

    Driving there we were aware of a flock of small birds in one of the hedgerows almost keeping pace with the car so we slowed and what we had was a flock of long tailed tits, one of my favourite birds, in significant numbers in the middle of some beautiful farmland.

    Being able to take our new granddaughter out for a couple of hours walk to give her parents some rest as she's not sleeping at all well at night and they're worn out.

    The news yesterday that newest little grandson has regained his birth weight and added some so he and his mum have been discharged from the midwifes care and also that our eldest grandson wants to come and stay with us for a couple of nights next week during his half term.

    We have theatre tickets this afternoon for a matinee performance of Peter Pan goes Wrong which was shown on TV a few years ago with David Suchet as narrator and had us crying with laughter, lunch out beforehand and hopefully a very entertaining couple of hours after it!
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Good to hear from you Sue and had a smile at Grandads Electric Chair, hope all goes well at Addenbrookes.

    Pleasures for yesterday hard as had poorly horse but,

    All was well in morning and we had a mooch around paddocks.

    Not long back from lunch when had call from yard owner to say that beautiful grey one laying down and lethargic in field, pleasure that owner is so on ball.

    Walked and walked my girlie but worried at lack of gut noise ( colic indicator ) and she was up & down when in her box so clearly in distress.

    Pleasure that lovely vet was out in 45 minutes and that we are so close to one of best equine hospitals in country. Thankfully not colic but gut in spasm so injection given and good to see how quickly she improved.

    The pleasure of seeing my girlie eating her hay and having a poo!! Oh my but these animals worry us.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    DfV Rump Snake. Delishh!

    Going early for yous Lunch Bites of BoP today!

    Well yestday the BoP truck that delivers BoP to and from the mill decided to have a blow out in the centre lane of the M5! BoP deposited his car on the hard shoulder and made the call to the aa man, and stood well back on the verge! Yes on the verge, not in the car. And why the man from the aa. Well he has a truck, and can further block the hard shoulder, and he is quicker and more experienced to change me tyre. For thoise that has not suffered this, the tyre will keep running to allow you to get out of danger. Pull over hard to the left of the hard shoulder, exit the passenger side, find damage, get on the verge back and then call the man from the aa!

    Now inn the fit kwik getting new tyre! It has used up all of BoPsie's housekeeping. Please send BoE form 20 so BoPsie can has her whine this weakened!

    Now on other BoP things.

    I note an electric chair. That will set Jenny off! :heartpuls

    Did not make the gym last night as for obvious reasons. BoPsie suggested over the road for a meal instead. A bottle of whine was purchased and BoPsie had her glad rags on! Tasty,

    Next BoP tour is on shortly and BoPsie has sore ted out all the visits and things. Is a pity her spending money has been reduced though! Details soon. going to the Tea Party again.

    That's all for pre elevenses today, I has me proper digestive and tea to drink. Oh, and the last delight of turk.

    No news on the media about Santiago and Beirut protest? Do you trust them?

    Life is not a straight path, it has some curves and ...
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  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. Bedtime!

    The long day at work which kind of felt like it was going on forever. Very busy in the morning and kept going in the afternoon. Then had to prep for opening this evening but hurrah I got to go home! Everything made and instructions left! Cheerio!

    Excellent tips!

    Tea brought home from work. Leftover baked potato and stovies .

    All the hellos in the world from my dog, so pleased to see his mum. A what are you doing here from my son ( was supposed to be on till late) much prefer the dog’s version!
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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    We were over in Grays, as the news broke yesterday, and saw police area, so saddening.

    Cheating a little with 2 days pleasures.

    1 I popped out just to pick up a fruit and veg box from Li3l, it was packed with all sorts of goodies, I’m so pleased with it, and quite like the hmm what shall I create with this, 3 cawlis, stew pack, clementines, melon, mushrooms, sweetcorn, a lettuce, 2 tubs red grapes, celery, and an aubergine.

    2 Home for a cuppa

    3 Dh wanted to go to a few of the shops, so we went over the bridge, seemed to spend a very large amount of time in Ikea, we picked up some free wood, and picked up an order from there. We also went around the cheap shops for some bits and bobs.

    4 An offer on a kindle book 99p instead of 8.99 I did snaffle it and can’t wait it’s the follow up to the Harold fry book.

    5 Didn’t go out at all today, a day spent with the animals, and chopping up a months’ worth of their food, as my hands will attest to, we opened a box of broken biscuits to have with a cuppa, while the pork roast cooked away, we watched the last of the hairy bikers Route 66 and I was inspired, their cooking inspires me to try different bits and bobs.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    PK - yes, awful news about the people in the lorry.

    Pleasures for today (Thursday).

    1) Not a bad sleep, but too short. 3rd early start in a row...

    2) Had bigger son to our local garage (5 miles away) by 7.50am and he did a day's work experience with my brother in law (what I would call "outward bound" work).

    3) I had my hair cut at college. A good cut but it took nearly 2 hours!

    4) Had a cup of tea in Sainsburys.

    5) Hens OK and poorly one continues to improve. Cleaned out the sleeping end. Rat holes are back (after months with no rats) so must get some more poison.

    6) New crochet hook and yarn arrived in the post but I have gone from size 5 hook with DK wool to a ridiculously tiny hook with basically cotton thread! Far too little.

    7) Picked bigger son up and he might get offered an apprenticeship where he worked today :-O which is great but he has an interview for a similar position with another company which might mean a year in France! What to choose!

    8) Made some parkin.

    9) My brother came round to play on the computer with smaller son.

    10) In bed now with 1 hwb and about to watch DIY SOS.
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Thursday pleasures,

    Really got going first thing and most chores done by 10am.

    Over to see the beautiful grey one and made my heart sing to have her back to normal self, if a little tired. No work just lots of pampering and cuddles. Happy horsey Mum.

    The weather had really deteriorated by lunchtime so a mug of bovril with lunchtime sarnie warmed me up.

    The smell of warm bread in the kitchen.

    Out for the evening, saw DSIL and her partner, plus both DN’s and a hubbie. Food, laughter and love around a table, not much better than that.
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Worked at an outside clinic with people I like so it went ok. An email from boss annoyed me.

    2. DS2 cooked steak. It wasn't his turn but did it.

    3. DS1 keeping hall tidy still despite DS2 best efforts.

    4. My cold is feeling slightly better and now can move my head more easily with less sinus pain.

    5. An early night and read more of my book.
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Fantastic post DforV - and well done on the restraint re photos. i'm afraid i'd have nabbed some as my DS is so awful at having his photo taken that any that crop up on social media for example (mainly at football) then I nab a copy

    Suffolk sue, my kids used to call my mum's wheelchair "Nanny's buggy"

    Pleasures for Wednesday

    1. Still typing, still looking better, I think
    2. early drs appointment to get extenuating / mitigating circumstances. She was lovely
    3. OH arrived safely on his hols - Germany this time
    4. DD got the job she went for - not promotion but a sideways move into an area she wanted
    5. Gin

    And yesterday

    1. 5:2 went really well. It suits me to just eat the same things on these days - chia pudding with berries for brekkie; veggie soup for lunch; veggie curry for tea. Veggies and fruit as well. A treat was a few fresh strawberries and blueberries with a spoonful of LF greek yogurt which took me over the 800 but see if I care :rotfl:
    2. Teaching was weird as only half the class turned up but went ok and meant
    3. an early finish and early home
    4. SOme interaction with supervisors who think new structure sounds promising
    5. Watched The Accident, which was OK but the acting was a bit odd - even Sarah Lancashire...

    Off to ICT in the pouring rain. Have a nice weekend.
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